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    Looking for older sulcata

    Are you still looking for a tortoise? I Might have a male tortoise
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    Trade for a male sulcata??

    Are you still looking for a male tortoise?
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    Sulcata — looking to adopt a sulcata tortoise

    I am located in Long Beach too, so we can meet up.
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    Sulcata — looking to adopt a sulcata tortoise

    Hello Arwood, I am currently selling 4 sulcatas. Three of them are about three of four months and the other one is about a year old.
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    Help please. (cuttlebone, stones)

    I have a similar experience that only thing that I did was cut down on the cuttlebone, I would only place the enclosure two or three times a week because they would finish it real fast. My tortoise was also passing a pea size stone so after reducing the cuttlebone it went back to normal and they...
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    Feeding schedule

    Hello Stephanie, I agree with 3 or 4 times a week. I usually feed mine every other day or every two days just depending on what I give them. I usually give mine a mixture of greens. I use like seven or eight different types of greens but I usually try to give them only half of those at a time...
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    Prickly pear pads for sulcata

    You also have to keep in mind that the Mazri pellets expand so the more they eat the more it expands in their stomachs.
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    Prickly pear pads for sulcata

    I also have a couple of tortoise about that size and I usually feed them about 5-7 pads every three days. Due to the fact that they have lot's of grass to eat. I personally give them a cup of mazuri pellets every three or four days. I would just spread the pellets on the grass and let them find...