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  1. TortieLuver

    True Sri Lankan Adult Star Group 1.3

    After much thought and best interest of my tortoise group, I have decided to sell this group. They had a fantastic outdoor setup in Sunny Tucson, AZ but with moving to the White Mountains, I don't feel this climate/area is best for them. They have all been together the entire time without any...
  2. TortieLuver

    Male Leopard Tortoise 8 1/2 inches

    Hello! I have a male Leopard tortoise that measures 8 1/2 inches (SCL). He is very healthy and is constantly mounting my other tortoises. He is currently living outdoors in Arizona and feeding on grasses, weeds, and mazuri. He does have some pyramiding. I have reduced the price to $375 plus...
  3. TortieLuver

    Adult Male Leopard Tortoise 10+ inches

    I have for sale an Adult Male Leopard tortoise with a SCL of about 10 1/2 inches. He has a very smooth shell. He currently is living outdoors in Arizona and feeding on grasses and weeds with added mazuri. I have him priced higher on other sites, but for forum members, I am asking $475 plus...
  4. TortieLuver

    4 Sub-Adult Leopard Tortoises Sale

    Tortoises sale Hello Forum Friends: I have decided to sell these 4 sub-adult tortoises. I believe the group to be 1.3 but request you to verify and judge for yourself and I do not guarantee sex due to size. I am fairly confident of their sexes though. First let me tell you the background...
  5. TortieLuver

    Adult female Pardalis Pardalis leopard and large female PB tortoise

    I have two adult female tortoises for sale, as I am downsizing my family collection due to personal issues. They are both excellent egg-layers producing 14-18 eggs per clutch. The Pardalis Pardalis is about 13 inches scl and the PB is 14 1/2 inches. They are both priced at $1,800 each. I am...
  6. TortieLuver

    Large adult female leopard tortoises: Great producers

    I have decided to downsize my adult Leopard tortoise group, as I have moved to a cooler climate. I have four adult females ranging 12 and 1/4 the 14 and 1/2 inches scl. I have had this group for years, and they are all very healthy. They have 3-4 clutches of 10-17 eggs and are excellent breeders...
  7. TortieLuver

    Adult Sri Lankan Star Breeder Group 1.2

    Hello Tortoise Friends:D I am selling my Adult Breeder "TRUE" Sri Lankan Group 1.2 Female one: 5 pounds and 10 inches Female two: 4 pounds 11 oz and 9 1/2 inches Male: 1 pound 12 oz and 6 1/2 inches. The larger female hatched out in 1996 by John Grigius. She began laying eggs in...
  8. TortieLuver

    Adult Leopard Male or Greeks (both sexes)

    Hello Forum Friends:) I am looking for a couple adult Leopard males and adult Greeks. I am looking for an adult male Ibera Greek in particular (Captive bred in U.S.). I am also open to any other adult Greeks too:P:D
  9. TortieLuver

    Leopard Tortoise Hatchlings

    Hello Everyone:) I have some Leopard tortoise hatchlings available for sale. The first clutch hatched on December 9, 2012. They are all healthy and well-started. I am asking $100 each plus shipping. If you want to purchase two or more AND you have been a forum member for longer than 30 days...
  10. TortieLuver

    Sulcata Tortoises: 5 Months old

    I have some Sulcata tortoises that are active, eating well and ready for homes. They are about 2 1/2 inches and have been eating grasses, cactus, weeds, mazuri and dark greens/spring mixes. They all have nice shells with no extra/split scutes. They are $50 each. Shipping is next day air and...
  11. TortieLuver

    Favorite BAND of all time

    What is your favorite band? I will start: my favorite band is RUSH:) The band has been around since the early 70's. My entire group of Leopards all have names related to the band:cool:
  12. TortieLuver

    Another Leopard hatched from different clutch: Look at markings

    Hi Everyone, This one hatched out recently from a different clutch from the two other recent clutches and I thought the marking were exquisite...unique. I just wanted to share with you. The other one on the left has different parents:
  13. TortieLuver

    Another clutch of Leopard hatchlings: Here's pics of days vs. 2 months of LEOS

    So I had another clutch of Leopards hatch out and thought it would be fun to show a 2 day and a 2 month next to each other. The larger two month old is already promised to another forum family member. Wow they grow fast huh?:D
  14. TortieLuver

    Leopard Tortoise Hatchlings

    Hello Everyone! I have a few Leopard Tortoises that are healthy, active, and eating well. They are now about two months old. They are priced at $100 each for all forum members plus shipping. Please e-mail/pm a zipcode for shipping. Shipping is next-day air. Local pickup is always...
  15. TortieLuver

    Want to see Development in egg: Fascinating

    I had an egg that the mother put a small dent in upon laying in eggs but everything was still intact so I incubated it. As it got to the final process and the others started hatching, this one had lost part of its shell but as you can see, not ready to come out quite yet. It was so incredible...
  16. TortieLuver

    Leopard tortoise just hatched!

    This one is two days old and thought I would share this cute Leo with my tortoise family:P
  17. TortieLuver

    Saw on CL Anaheim: This turtle REALLY needs an Awesome home!

    I happen to run across this and my mouth dropped. Anyone in the area that would be able to take this poor lil turtle??
  18. TortieLuver

    What determines shell color for tortoises???

    So another forum member brought up a very interesting question/topic and I thought it would be good to start another thread and hear everyone's thoughts on this question: Hi Christy. Looking at the picture with all your leopards gives me a chance to ask a question I have been wondering about...
  19. TortieLuver

    Somebody's Hungry

    I just thought I would share this funny moment. Apparently she was hungry and thought something there looked/smelled tasty :D Here's another just for fun:P
  20. TortieLuver

    Wanted: Adult male T. G. Ibera Greek Tortoise

    Hello Friends! I am looking for a captive bred only, adult male T. G. Ibera Greek tortoise. I would love to get one from another forum member. Please let me know if you have one:D