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  1. bettinge

    Looking to Trade Tortoises or Supplies for Beekeeping Equipment

    That video is amazing. I've not seen that before! Wow.
  2. bettinge

    Looking to Trade Tortoises or Supplies for Beekeeping Equipment

    Swarms rarely sting, they just want a new home. I've taken the classes and have had hives for three years, fascinating! I've not needed the bee suit once. If you smoke the bees and don't have aggressive honey bees, you won't need a suit. Last Labor Day my buddy's 9 year old daughter...
  3. bettinge

    hibernation advice

    Personally, I think 3.8C is fine. My Greeks often get into the 3.8 range and less. You must be very certain they never freeze.......obviously. I also have thought 10C is too warm, especially if your hibernation is extended, like 12-16 weeks. I think the tort would be fine at 10C for...
  4. bettinge

    Where can I buy a Greek tortoise?

    Gary (GBTortoise) is in the Catskills. I highly recommend him. He is a wealth of knowledge, and very healthily tortoises!!!! PM me if you can't get a hold of him.
  5. bettinge

    Where can i buy cactus for my russian tortoise... Buy the "D" grade and grow your own. It grows like weeds.
  6. bettinge

    Fiddler Crabs

    They sound delicious! [hr] They sound delicious!
  7. bettinge

    Best incubator

    I quite like the "Little Giant". I have a hovabator but don't like it.
  8. bettinge

    Divorce :/

    I should probably keep my mouth shut, but what the heck, it's a tortoise forum! Your husbands girlfriend did not cheat on you, your husband did! It's him you need to reconcile with. Temptation does not end with this one woman, it ends with his desire to be with other woman! Fix...
  9. bettinge

    Grass pellets

    I pay $26 for a 25 pound bag of Mazuri. What do you pay? I would guess your buying Mazuri a pound or two at a time. Ask your feed store if they can get Mazuri for you.
  10. bettinge

    Trying to feed him variety? I bought pads from here years ago. I got the "D" grade. Just plant them and they grow like weeds, especially in the summer outside. I still have much more than I ever bought! They cannot handle frost. [hr] By the way, all the new growth is...
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    Newbie - help needed on species identification

    It also looks older than 5 months!
  12. bettinge

    Nerdle-sick tortoise

    Well at least he's eating. I'll be anxious to see your progress. Do you know why his eyes are swollen? Bulb, infection?
  13. bettinge

    Does his shell look healthy?

    Looks great!
  14. bettinge

    ZOOMED Digital UV Index Radiometer

    I know you have worked with Bob Mac in the past. Can you comment on his lamps? Is he on the right track? Is there a "Best Bulb" with what we know today?
  15. bettinge

    Participated tab

    Tort forum app.
  16. bettinge

    Glass condensation frustration NO MORE!

    Same concept as used on snowmobile helmets so they don't freeze over with condensation from your breath.
  17. bettinge

    "Herbal Hay"

    I just ordered a pound! It was $35.90 delivered to NY, in case anyone is interested. Thanks Tyler! I hope I didn't make you feel as though you needed to defend your product. As I said, I think you fill a need, and I believe that you have done your homework for the ingredients...
  18. bettinge

    Average weight to length ratio?

    What kind of tortoise are we talking about? For Mediterranean torts (Greek, Hermanns, Marginated) there is what's called "The Jackson Ratio"! It can give you an idea if your tort is under weight, over weight, or about right. It's a weight to length (SCL) ratio. There are a few...
  19. bettinge

    "Herbal Hay"

    Tyler, I really like the fact that your finding new products that fill a niche in the market that seems unfilled so far. I've tried filling it by picking weeds in the fall and drying them to mix with Mazuri and ZooMed diet all winter. It's odd, my torts pick out the dried (slightly...
  20. bettinge

    "Herbal Hay"

    Yvonne, are you now buying this product for your herd?