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  1. Missy

    "NEW" Tortle Habittarium ******PICS******

    Is the lights over the ramp? Looks like from the pics that they have to be on the ramp to bask. Really nice looking enclosure. [hr] Never mind I went back and looked again and saw the really sweet basking rock with the lights over top.
  2. Missy

    cuttlebone and soil

    I use a calcium powder once a week mixed in with Mazuri and I leave a cuttle bone in my enclosures. Sometimes they really chow on them but usually not often. Sorry can't help with the soil cause I live in IL.
  3. Missy

    who is Tom??

    Nope not yet:) Tom Rocks. Ok now it can be done.
  4. Missy

    How much room do you really need?

    I also house my torts in the basement in winter. They have a room all to their selves. I had thought about making their outside shed winter ready but for your same exact reasons I chose to keep them close only a few steps away. Livingstone looks great and happy.
  5. Missy

    What do you buy them?

    Cactus fruit.
  6. Missy

    Help (how do I clean tort's eye?)

    RE: Help Can you see it? Flush with water.
  7. Missy

    Kane heat mat for my dog?? I no right.

    Thanks Tom. I wish Maizy could be an inside dog but her big tail has already broken a couple things and she chewed on the doorframe. We have a shed that we are going to put her doghouse inside. She has the run of the yard and loves to dig. If you have any advise on how to stop the digging I...
  8. Missy

    Kane heat mat for my dog?? I no right.

    Thanks FLT and Laura. I have Stanfield mats for my torts. I just was wondering if Kane was better for the dog.
  9. Missy

    Kane heat mat for my dog?? I no right.

    Does anyone use this brand for their dog? We have a seven month old bloodhound and want a heat mat for her doghouse for the winter. If you no of a better one please let me know.
  10. Missy

    What's everybodies name?

    Missy, LOL :)
  11. Missy

    Terri's new home(Sulcata) Pt 2

    Wow I love it. I am planning to build a new shed for mine. I really want to explore radiant floor heat.
  12. Missy

    Pet Food Recall includes Turtle Mazuri

    Im in the same boat Yvonne, I don't keep the bag.
  13. Missy

    My Indoor "outdoor" enclosure!!

    Is your tort a Sulcata? The pic is small. What is your plan when he is huge? Great idea for a safe way to get some sun :)
  14. Missy


    Do you keep him on sand?
  15. Missy

    Bird seed

    Yep it's great and cheap :)
  16. Missy

    Feeding problems with new baby sulcata

    Poor baby he is small and showing signs of poor nutrition. Do you have a UVA/UVB bulb for him? I would also get some powdered calcium and sprinkle his food. I agree weaning first then tough love if you have to. Try chopping the greens very small and add it to what he will eat and mix it...
  17. Missy

    Newbie from Oregon and need some input

    The shell does not look to bad. It will never smooth out but if you do things right it will not get worse. An out door safe pen is a must for sulcatas. I would try and start him out on some mustard and turnip greens and some squash. Once you get him settled in he should mostly eat grass and...
  18. Missy

    Where do u buy ur pig blanket

    Thanks Kimber, I got mine there too. Just wondering if there are better prices.
  19. Missy

    Where do u buy ur pig blanket

    I am going to need another pig blanket/mat this fall. I would like to get the best price. Where have u found the best deals? Thanks