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  1. Linhdan Nguyen

    Male & female russian tortoise

    Hey guys! Its been SUPER long since i’ve been on here. Hope everyone’s doing well and has great things planned for the holidays! I am moving soon and wont be able to take my male russian tortoise (max) and my female russian tortoise (zelda). I live in MD so i’m hoping to find someone local-ish...
  2. Linhdan Nguyen

    Cedar wood

    I was trying to build an outdoor enclosure for the babies, i ordered a raised garden bed, long story short i thought cedar was okay, and pine wasnt. But the wood has a smell (cedar smell) and then i remembered smells in wood arent good. So i googled and cedar and pine arent good. But i've also...
  3. Linhdan Nguyen

    Welcome Zelda !!

    Good Morning all! Just wanted to introduce the newest member of the family: Zelda. My boyfriend and I picked her up yesterday evening. She seems healthy. Big eyes, active, heavy, and huge. They stated she would be 2.5 yrs old but after i saw the picture of her tail, i knew it couldnt be true.
  4. Linhdan Nguyen

    Betta fish

    So my roommate has a Betta fish, Jeffrey. Hes been blowing bubbles and she wanted to give him a female to mate with. She searched and the web said females with 1 male is fine. We end up buying 2. But the male keeps flaring his gills and almost nipping at the females. I thought it was strange so...
  5. Linhdan Nguyen

    Eating new substrate

    I bought a big bag of Repti Bark (fir bark) about a month ago from Pet Mountain. I finally opened it up and put a thin layer on top of the soil in the tortoises enclosure. The only problem is, khaleesi keeps trying to eat it. She actually did eat a small piece. Im not sure if i should take it...
  6. Linhdan Nguyen


    I lost Max :( i searched everywhere! Got on all fours & checked the neighborhood FIVE times. Ugh im so upset ! My mom said she would look in the morning to see if he poos up anywhere but im sure he went under the fence and got away. I checked under all surrounding bushes and trees but...
  7. Linhdan Nguyen

    Sprouted-ish tortoise seeds..

    Sorry about the title. I have no clue how to name this. But im wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I bought tortoise seed mix awhile back and they've began sprouting or pass the sprouting stage now actually. Like that size. And ive been feeding Max and Khaleesi them but they dont...
  8. Linhdan Nguyen

    Weed ID and double checking

    1. They look like broadleaf plantain 2. Could be dogs mercury? 3. The skinny leaves.. I dont know what those are 4. These look safe, my tortoises seem to like them but ???
  9. Linhdan Nguyen

    Morning surprise

    I'm at work and my 6 year old sister facetimes me and when it connects, she goes "Linhdan! There is a tortoise in the backyard!!" Its a box turtle actually and I'm surprised its found its way into my moms backyard. The area is fenced but there is a little bit of a gap between the ground and the...
  10. Linhdan Nguyen

    Plant ID (its a tree!)

    There are a couple of these in front my apartment complex, any idea what it is? Ive looked through the tortoise table and Yvonne's common plants sticky but didn't see it :(
  11. Linhdan Nguyen

    Another plant ID (Maryland)

    I went through TTT but couldnt really find it. Heres 1: 2: 3: looks like it could be hawksbeard (?) 4: or this one could be it. Its smoother than #3: Thank you
  12. Linhdan Nguyen

    All good ?

    I went to Home Depot this morning looking for a sealant for the indoor enclosure. They didnt have many different options. I picked this out but want to run it through with you guys here before i use it. If its not right, let me know and i'll order online.
  13. Linhdan Nguyen

    UVB bulb 5.0 vs 10.0

    Hi, So i recently order a UVB tube bulb from pet mountain and I THOUGHT i ordered the 5.0- T8 bulb but my shipment confirmation shows I ordered the 10.0-T8 bulb. I wanted to know the difference (if any) between each to see whether or not I should return/exchange it.
  14. Linhdan Nguyen


    So I know everyone has mentioned plants being trampled by their tortoises & I never really had plants in their temporary enclosure before so i always figured , "yeah they'll trample it some, it won't be too bad" ...... I finally witness the true trampling. I forgot to take pictures, but i put...
  15. Linhdan Nguyen

    Scales- where to get and which is good?

    Hello ! I would like to purchase a scale to weigh my russians (especially Max since hes recovering from him massive parasite incident) and I was wondering where everyone purchases their scales from and any reviews on these scales. Im looking for something inexpensive but accurate.
  16. Linhdan Nguyen

    Plant ID- another one ... And some babies

    Hello all! Its beautiful weather in MD right now. The babies are enjoying some sun and weeds in my mothers backyard. But i found some new weeds i havent seen before. Any ideas? Heres a farther view of the last weed And here are pictures of Max enjoying the sun and weeds. And Khaleesi hiding
  17. Linhdan Nguyen

    Enclosure help

    Hi ! So I am building a new enclosure for my 2 russians. They WERE getting along fine but I see Khaleesi showing some dominance by sitting in the food dish (ive even given them separate ones in different locations but she just goes to the one hes eating from) and walking right in front of &...
  18. Linhdan Nguyen

    Wetting soil and bark

    Hello all, I plan on making a new & bigger indoor enclosure very soon and i was planning on having soil on the bottom and a layer (maybe an inch) of mulch just so they dont track the soil in their food dish and all. But i wet the substrate (soil) a couple times a week and if i have mulch, should...
  19. Linhdan Nguyen

    Plant/weed ID please

    Hi! Can anyone Id this plant? Ive been looking at older posts but cant find if anyones already asked
  20. Linhdan Nguyen

    Nap time !!

    I put them back together to see if maybe Max would be more active being with Khaleesi and they've been taking naps together! Of course im constantly checking up on them to make sure theres no bullying but khaleesi seems to be pretty happy Max is with her. And Max is more active now that I've put...