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  1. Evy

    Mazuri for sale

    Dear members, I have purchased Mazuri in a big bag since London is a medium size in comparison to other members. So buying it by the pound is no longer a choice for me. I'm not sure how long it will last. Does anyone here know how long it lasts? Since I live in San Diego and we don't have a...
  2. Evy

    It happen !!! (flashed!)

    Hi lovely community! After being busy with a crazy school semester I'm back for a bit. I wanted to share this news with you :-) At 20 months London my sulcata flash us!!!!! I think by now he weights about 10 lbs. he is less active is that because of the weather change? We are in San Diego CA...
  3. Evy

    Big indoor enclosure for sale

    Hi lovely community, I want to put my indoor enclosure for sale here (measurements 6f x 2f) for a very cheap price. It's well made. I just want to give to someone who actually use it for a tortoise and I know it's expensive to build them. My dad made it and it was my tortoise condo for a while...
  4. Evy

    Found sulcata !

    Friends, if you are missing your adult sulcata please contact the person on this link. This person lives in the San Diego area or a bit north. They posted 2 videos of a sulcata that they found walking yesterday about 2pm or so...
  5. Evy

    Sulcata size for sleeping outside?

    Hi, London size is 11x8 and weights 8.2lbs at 20months of age. During the summer we move him to another room and that change allowed him access outside and inside by a homemade ramp that was made for him (from outside to his inside hide). We were hoping to make his night box outside after...
  6. Evy

    Hide ideas, please?

    Hi lovely people, I'm looking for ideas to make my sulcata "London" a natural hide. Here are some pics of the area Basically, the whole thing is a soaking spot and then the hide. If you think about it is like an inside burrow but the hot spot for him to get warm when he needs to if the weather...
  7. Evy

    What is the truth about the white stuff?

    I'm not sure what is the correct name for the white stuff that sulcatas get rid off( only species I know). I read some about if sulcatas don't drink enough water or temps are too high ( meaning not regulated as it should) dehydration is shown as the white stuff BUT I also read that it's normal...
  8. Evy

    A bit worried about Sulcata size

    I have had London for 13 months now and when I got him he was about 4 months. The reason that I'm worried and asking for some help is London's growth. Not too long ago I was okay thinking that he was growing as a normal sully he has been growing in a steady rate if you ask me and the last 7...
  9. Evy

    True or not?

    Is alfalfa bad for tortoises because it's high protein according to this website I think I read before that alfalfa was a great food for torts. Thank you for your kind input :-) London my lovely Sulcata tortoise :0))
  10. Evy

    Let's spread the word A stupid person said "if you do t want your tort anymore leave it outside for the birds to eat it" What a ignorant it really made me upset that people just get animals and treat them as as a disposable item London...
  11. Evy

    Pet finder doesn't give good info

    Please tell me that I'm not the only one. I become educated because I asked questions to the right people. Some people in other sulcata's group are still unaware of the damage that they can make to their torts. They think it's okay to never give water just because never see them drinking or...
  12. Evy

    New changes on Outdoor enclosure

    Hello, Here are some changes that my husband and I made to the outdoor enclosure of our sully London. Please feel free to comment and thank you. That's me holding London at a very late night. London walking on the side-walk while I water the front yard. Here is one side of the area that...
  13. Evy

    Change of name...

    Since so far my sully is looking like a boy my husband and I decided to change its name since we were getting used to the name Penny. The new name is "London" so it will be easier for us if it ends up being a male or female. I got some feed back regarding changing the name from Penny to Quarter...
  14. Evy

    Would this be correct Tom?

    I found this and I would like to know how accurate it's. Blue (European hunt-mix dog) Dolly (Yorkie dog) Penny (Sulcata)
  15. Evy

    Is this normal ?

    My sulcata is about a year old and she stays in places for a long time, such as inside her water container for about an hour or more after we just bathed her for about 30mins ( she gets soaks twice a daily). She used the top hide constantly for a month then the bottom hide for longer time, and...
  16. Evy

    Eating rocks

    Hi, my question is regarding rocks my sully eats them when she goes outside. Is this really bad for her/him. The reason I know is because sometimes when I bathe her after being outside she poops some rocks with her normal poop. Is this normal? Of course this rocks are the size of she can put...
  17. Evy

    Help (just wants to burrow)

    Penny my sully weight less than a pound is been try to burrow herself most of the time. She has a dry area and a humid area. When she stays at the humid area which is about 74-78 degrees she gets very cold and I usually have to move her to her soaking area but a lot of times she doesn't stay...
  18. Evy

    Enclosure improvement with pics

    Hello, I just want to share Penny's new place the bottom part is the green and humid area as well her eating area. this is the whole area I even used the glass enclosure and she have ramp for it but for now we are getting used to the new place. So it's close. this is the top of the second...
  19. Evy

    Please share your inside and outside enclosures

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to do another outdoor enclosure but I want to get ideas as well as the indoor enclosure. I feel that Penny needs more space on the inside enclosure. For now that's my priority but I would love to see yours Thank you and let's have fun while taking care of out lovely ones!
  20. Evy

    Too many insects in Penny's enclosure

    Hello, I would like to ask if it's normal to have insect in my sully's enclosure? I been thinking to put some ladybugs inside. Would the ladybugs bother my sully and do you think Penny would eat them. Mostly the insects look like aphids. Do you guys experience the same thing? A picture of Penny...