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  1. LaLaP

    Turtle ID

    Hi all! A friend sent me a photo of a wild turtle laying eggs near his local pond in Nevada City, California. Can anyone identify this beauty? Are they native? My friend said the pond is full of them!
  2. LaLaP

    Plant ID

    Great detail on how to tell them apart! Thanks! Looks like I’ve got the nightshade.
  3. LaLaP

    Plant ID

    Ah yes! Lamb’s quarter is exactly what I was thinking of. I knew it had an animal in the name. Too bad it’s nightshade and not lambs quarter though. Thank you!
  4. LaLaP

    Plant ID

    Hi all! Its been a while since I’ve been on the forum. Life has been busy. Could anyone help me ID this plant? I think I used to feed it to my tortoises and then I didn’t see it around for a couple years. I’ve forgotten the name and I want to make sure that it’s the one I’m thinking of. Thanks!
  5. LaLaP

    Looking for plans/ideas on new enclosure

    I used a queen sized bed frame for my Russian’s enclosure. This is an old photo and the light situation is much improved now as well as lots of plants now but you get the idea
  6. LaLaP

    Help, new tortoise mama

    Too much cucumber will give him diarrhea. It’s ok as an occasional treat. I’d also stop feeding him dock. It’s not poisonous but could cause problems if he eats it often even as a treat. Russian torts aren’t grass eaters so he isn’t likely to go for the dry grass. Tom has a great list of...
  7. LaLaP

    Russian Tor???

    Yep he’s a Russian. Another in a long list of escapees! He can be outside as long as it’s sunny and at least 70 degrees. Provide shade. Definitely keep him separate from your boxie. Feed him weeds and greens. No fruit. I’m sure he needs a nice long soak. There’s a great Russian caresheet here...
  8. LaLaP

    Will the tortoise drinker tag paper around it harm the tortoise?

    I think he’ll be fine. They eat all kinds of weird things. Just soak a lot to help him pass it. The waterer doesn’t look very functional for a tortoise though. It’ll be awkward for him to drink from it and he can’t soak himself in it which is important. A terra-cotta plant saucer would be a...
  9. LaLaP

    Help, new tortoise mama

    It is normal for hatchlings to hide a lot. Also depending on how long ago you got him he maybe hiding because he’s just getting adjusted to his new territory. Another possibility is that it’s not bright enough or warm enough. What are the temperatures in the enclosure? Do you have a uvb light...
  10. LaLaP

    Question about swelling

    Hi Tom Thanks for your reply. His indoor enclosure is 5.5x6.5ft. Outdoor enclosure is 6x50ft. He is outside about half the time right now on sunny days over 70 degrees. He eats weeds. Plantain, dandelion and other chicories, cats ear, nipplewort, clover, sow thistle. Mazuri once a week at most...
  11. LaLaP

    Question about swelling

    I thought about that but he weighs right in the middle of what he always weighs. In the last year he has fluctuated from 437 to 448. He is 443 right now. He’s also eating slightly less than his average which is normal this time of year for him. He usually starts eating a lot in mid summer...
  12. LaLaP

    Question about swelling

    The quality isn't great but you can see the area in question and it's not puffy.
  13. LaLaP

    Question about swelling

    You can see it a bit here. It’s more if he is on the ground with legs near his body but he won’t cooperate for a good photo.
  14. LaLaP

    Question about swelling

    My Russian, Diego has been looking slightly puffy around his front arms and neck for a couple weeks now. It’s slight so I’ve just been waiting and watching. Not much change. It’s possible it’s mostly in my head but I don’t think so. So my question is this ; when swelling occurs due to kidney...
  15. LaLaP

    Birthday Cake for Tortoises

    I love this video! So fun and funny.
  16. LaLaP

    Measuring temperature (I am seeing this done wrong 99% of the time!)

    This is something I really needed to read a couple years ago when I got my first tortoise. I finally figured it out but it would have been nice to read this back then. This is definitely not obvious to everyone.
  17. LaLaP

    Plant identification

    Oh yeah, it does look like a globe thistle! Something new to feed. How nice! Thanks Rosemary.
  18. LaLaP

    Plant identification

    Anyone know what this is? My plant app says aster, daisy, sunflower family but I don't think that's true.
  19. LaLaP

    Overnight temps

    I’ve read here many times that Russian tortoises should have a drop in temperature over night and I’ve always had a 10-15 degree drop for my 2 boys but I’ve never heard an explanation as to why. I’m curious now because I just got 4 baby chicks (so so cute) and it seemed logical to put the...
  20. LaLaP

    Shell rot

    I’ve never dealt with shell rot but from what I’ve read here it’s easy to treat with cream for athlete’s foot. I think it usually looks like a spot where the shell is flaky and mushy and you can scrape it away with your finger nail. It happens when the tort is kept on substrate that is too wet...