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  1. Evy

    Newbie with some questions.

    Hi Tyree and welcome. If you have doubts I really suggest you to continue the research. Tortoises need a big space if you want them to be healthy and I think a lot of them live for long time, make sure that you guys are down for that kind of responsibility. Since you are military family (...
  2. Evy


    Hi Jo & Welcome!!! You are in the right place almost 3 years ago I joined and let me tell you that this is the best place to get amazing info. A lot of places are misleading but here I have learned so much. My little tiny sulcata "London" is a big walking rock and he is super healthy and very...
  3. Evy


    Very pretty!
  4. Evy

    overstocked inventory thread for anybody to use...

    I have a large indoor enclosure 6X2 I don't use it anymore since my little one is big Let me know if you are in San Diego California. pick it up. ( it's empty of course but you can see how pretty it looks)
  5. Evy

    HELP (just eats and sleeps)

    Hi and welcome? Where do you live? I have a indoor enclosure. I'm in San Diego California. I can give you mazuri if you are close to the area. Send me a private message
  6. Evy

    Mazuri pellet food

    I see. I totally agree with you, there is many stuff that is free.
  7. Evy

    What do think of my enclosure?

    Good to know.
  8. Evy

    Frank update

    Looking good, please share his weight and other measurements
  9. Evy

    What do think of my enclosure?

    Your tort place is very nice.
  10. Evy

    What do think of my enclosure?

    Get a ceramic lamp is the best. The Mercury is not good for them.
  11. Evy

    Mazuri pellet food

    Could you share why you don't give spinach? Is something wrong with it? Thank you!
  12. Evy

    Tortoise enclosure take over

    I had the same problem once. Use food grade only! You don't want to take the risk of harming your tort. Look for St. Gabriel's organics it cost me $14 and it is a big bag.
  13. Evy

    Hello and Thank You! (photo heavy post)

    Welcome ! Your job and dedication shows in your tort caparace Could you please share some advice?
  14. Evy

    How to keep food fresh for baby Sulcata?

    Remember that the amount of food you get it's a lot for your little one. Like Tom said grow you own! You will have variety and it will be more cheaper and chemical free
  15. Evy

    Any suggestions for water dish for LARGE sulcatas?

    Buy a water heater plate, it basically looks like a saucer but you can get it in different sizes bigger than the one you have is very Cheap and durable! Your tort can go inside and drink and be happy
  16. Evy

    How to feed sulcata

    Oh, by the way you need to put water for your sully at all times and bathe hi/her too. You can fee it in a terra coat dish that people mentioned above and for water a water heather lid make sure it's plastic( find it at Home Depot). Don't get stuff at the pet stores things there are too...
  17. Evy

    How to feed sulcata

    Hello TurtleXcb, My name is Evy and I leave 15 mins away from you in San Diego. I have mazuri if you need some to supplement your new tort diet. Could you give us more info of how you got your sulcata? Also there is a San Diego Turtle society where sometimes there is info or stuff to get for...
  18. Evy

    Sulcata diet questions

    Don't forget that water is a must have for your tort, put water in different places they love it. Also depends in your area but I love to bathe mine at least 3 times a week. Don't forget the hiding spot.
  19. Evy

    Posts Do Not Get Answered-Please Please Help ASAP!

    Did you got the answer you needed ? There is a care sheet at the main page. Usually if you look for the kind of tortoise you have. I hope you find it. I'm sorry I can't help more since I don't own that kind.