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  1. LaLaP

    Turtle ID

    Hi all! A friend sent me a photo of a wild turtle laying eggs near his local pond in Nevada City, California. Can anyone identify this beauty? Are they native? My friend said the pond is full of them!
  2. LaLaP

    Plant ID

    Hi all! Its been a while since I’ve been on the forum. Life has been busy. Could anyone help me ID this plant? I think I used to feed it to my tortoises and then I didn’t see it around for a couple years. I’ve forgotten the name and I want to make sure that it’s the one I’m thinking of. Thanks!
  3. LaLaP

    Question about swelling

    My Russian, Diego has been looking slightly puffy around his front arms and neck for a couple weeks now. It’s slight so I’ve just been waiting and watching. Not much change. It’s possible it’s mostly in my head but I don’t think so. So my question is this ; when swelling occurs due to kidney...
  4. LaLaP

    Plant identification

    Anyone know what this is? My plant app says aster, daisy, sunflower family but I don't think that's true.
  5. LaLaP

    Overnight temps

    I’ve read here many times that Russian tortoises should have a drop in temperature over night and I’ve always had a 10-15 degree drop for my 2 boys but I’ve never heard an explanation as to why. I’m curious now because I just got 4 baby chicks (so so cute) and it seemed logical to put the...
  6. LaLaP

    These darn tortoises!

    I’m just gonna vent for a moment because I know you guys can relate to this frustration. We had 5 warm sunny days here in the Pacific Northwest and my 2 Russians got to be outside in their outdoor enclosures, basking, roaming, grazing and causing mischief all day. Now it is raining and they...
  7. LaLaP

    Couple coordinates outfits with tortoise
  8. LaLaP

    Watery eyes after eating

    Lately my Russian, Pops, has watery eyes right after eating. I've been noticing it a lot in the last month or so. I had assumed he was getting poked by his food but now I've been watching him eat and that's not the case. He is precise in biting his food (unlike my other Russian) and nothing is...
  9. LaLaP

    Pops eating bitter cress

    Pops usually left bitter cress untouched on his feeding rock but then I started attaching the clumps to this little log and he gobbles them up. It makes us both happy!
  10. LaLaP

    Anyone hear of Biodude's kits?

    I found this website selling bio-active kits for lots of different reptile enclosures. There are kits for many tortoise species. Just wondering if anyone has bought one and what people think. I'm not in the market, just curious. It seems expensive and it doesn't tell you exactly what the...
  11. LaLaP

    Giant torts in LA?

    I just booked a flight to LA. I need a break from the rain and gloom of the Pacific Northwest. Are there any places to see tortoises there? A sanctuary or rescue? I'd really love to see some Aldabras or any Galapagos tortoises. I can't think of a better vacation than one where I sit in the sun...
  12. LaLaP

    Playboy tort article

    Here's an article about a Galapagos tortoise named Diego. Same name as my Russian. My Diego isn't nearly the ladies man. Ladies tort...
  13. LaLaP

    Amazing tortoise story!
  14. LaLaP

    That's just dumb

    I just watched my tortoise, Diego put his paw in his mazuri and greens mush and then try to ferociously eat his paw. I eventually intervened because I thought he was going to tear his claw off. What. The. Heck. I used to think he was smart. Not so sure anymore.
  15. LaLaP

    Exquisite Creatures exhibit

    I just went to Christopher Marley's "Exquisite Creatures" exhibit and was blown away at how beautiful it is. He uses insects and animals to create art. All the animals were captive and died naturally. Not true of the bugs though. The tortoise/turtle piece was beautiful but also a little sad...
  16. LaLaP

    Happy ending?

    I was quite upset til the very end... thanks Shel Silverstein.
  17. LaLaP

    A close call today

    Today was a gorgeous warm day so I put the torts in their outside enclosures for a few hours. When I went to check on them several large cement blocks had been moved making an escape route for my Diego... and he was gone! Panic! 30 minutes later he came walking up behind me while I dug under...
  18. LaLaP

    Weed ID

    I found a new weed in my yard and I can't figure out what it is. It has a bright, tart flavor almost like a mild crab apple taste. Seems like yummy tort food. Anybody recognize it?
  19. LaLaP

    Lighting question

    I’m setting up my large indoor enclosures for the winter for my 2 Russians and making improvements on last years set-up. I’ve been using 65 watt flood lights for heat but I’m wondering if I could use a higher wattage bulb and place it further away. The advantage would be a larger basking area...
  20. LaLaP

    First reptile show

    I went to my first reptile show and got this great t-shirt! Not too many tortoises there but I was actually glad cause the ones I did see made me sad. Pyramiding, dry conditions, small containers... But now I want some snakes, and frogs and ....