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  1. hunterk997

    Russian Tortoise For Adoption Finger Lakes of NY

    Hi, I am looking to find a good home for my female Russian tortoise. I am unable to properly take care of her with my schedule becoming crazy. I'm not sure how old she is since I got her from Petco, but I've had her for three years, and she is a little over 5 inches in length if that's...
  2. hunterk997

    Clarice has an outdoor enclosure!

    It is 9 ft x 8 ft. My parents didn't think we would have to bury any lumber underground but now that it's done and they have seen her attempts, we are digging some logs on the fence side and the side adjacent the one that in the picture has a log laying against the ground. We did that with the...
  3. hunterk997

    Koi fish need re-homing (in New York)

    I posted earlier about this, but no one seemed interested at the time. I have two butterfly koi fish that are each 5 inches long. They are in desperate need of re-homing. My parents bought them thinking they were small goldfish (that's what the employees told them) so they got them a ten gallon...
  4. hunterk997

    Is a small enclosure practical?

    I've posted in the past about my concern for Russian's small enclosure, which is only 4'x2', and I have recently been wondering if the conditions my tortoise is going to be living in for a few more years (three at most) is really practical. She is a little bigger than 5" now, and she gets really...
  5. hunterk997

    Barrel Cactus

    I just purchased a huge barrel cactus from my school's greenhouse and I was wondering if the fruit or flowers are okay to feed to my two tortoises every once in a while? Maybe once a week when it's blooming? It is developing some flowers now, so it'd be nice if they were good tortoise food.
  6. hunterk997

    Come check out Creepypasta!

    My friends and I have created our ow Creepypasta page on Facebook. We have the page up and running, but now we just need likes and fans. If you are a person that likes to read creepy things, our page is perfect for you. We also post creepy photos, and true stories that are spooky. We are also...
  7. hunterk997

    Just ordered tons of seeds and plants!

    Flowering Maple Zebrina I ordered these two types of seeds yesterday. From what the website says, they are both very good for tortoises, so I can't wait to get them. It's perfect timing too because we just learned how to properly germinate seeds in my greenhouse class. I can't wait to try the...
  8. hunterk997

    Koi fish need re-homing

    I have two koi fish that I unfortunately have to re-home. They are each about five inches in length if that helps. I can attach pictures if requested. I can't ship them, so anyone interested will have to be within driving distance.
  9. hunterk997

    Repetitive sneezing/eye rubbing

    I am attempting to attach a video to help explain my tortoise's problem. I was soaking her a few minutes ago, and she would make a squeak noise when she would make a biting motion, then suck her head in, pop it out, then sneeze while sucking it in again, then her eyes swelled and she would rub...
  10. hunterk997

    How does Artemis's shell look?

    Artemis's shell had a "shine" to it when I first got her, but now it has little white circles, and seems dry. I soak her everyday for 20-30 minutes. I have been keeping her humidity above 50% this week, but any other week, I'm at school and it drops to 25% by the time I get home. She has a humid...
  11. hunterk997

    Is it weird that I want this? I found directions on how to make a moss shower mat. I found it through a Facebook page, and I really want to make one. But sadly, my parents see no reason for it and said no...
  12. hunterk997

    MBD/Pyramiding Concern

    I know Russian tortoises don't pyramid unless they are in poor care, but I worry a lot, so some reassurance or correction will be very helpful. I searched for MBD and found a description of what it can look like, and the conditions that result in it. I will attempt to attach photos. She doesn't...
  13. hunterk997

    RI or dust?

    I haven't been able to soak my ten month old hatchling the past two days, but she is currently soaking now. Last night she fell asleep in her humid hide, so I let it dry out over night to prevent an RI. But when I put her in her soak, she sneezed twice, then her eyes swelled a little bit and she...
  14. hunterk997

    Anyone into Creepypasta?

    Is anyone on the forum interested in Creepypasta? I really enjoy reading them. I especially enjoy Slenderman stories, and the family tree that is even created based off of him. So anyone else?
  15. hunterk997

    Making an enclosure on the floor

    This spring I'm moving into the biggest room in my house, it's basically two rooms put together. I also got my parents to agree to allow me to buy an old bookshelf to make a tortoise enclosure for my 5 inch Russian tortoise. The dimensions of the bookshelf will roughly be, 6 feet by 2.5 feet...
  16. hunterk997

    Outdoor enclosure expenses

    It's still winter, but my father and I are building my Russian tortoise a 10' x 10' enclosure come this spring. He works at our town's lumber/ furniture company and said he will be able to get a lot of wood cheap (he built my hermann's 4'x2' enclosure for $15). But I want a "worst case"...
  17. hunterk997

    Is this a calcium deficiency or worse?

    I posted a thread concerning this earlier, but it probably wouldn't get much responses if I added it there. My supposedly 10 month old hermann's tortoise has a soft plastron. I soaked her today, and noticed when I slightly push on it in pushes in. The center seems to be the worst place for it...
  18. hunterk997

    Brown excretion

    My Russian tortoise passed a urate two days ago but there was this brown mucus-y substance with it. I am not sure if it is urine mixed with poop or what. I panicked at first thinking it was a bladder problem. What could this be?
  19. hunterk997

    Artemis's Thread

    I made one of these for my Russian tortoise, but never kept up on it. I am going to try and keep this one up to date. Here are pictures I took this morning: (Please excuse the coffee container humid-hide) I planted those succulents in her enclosure last night so she was...
  20. hunterk997

    Are these plants safe yet?

    I just bought two more succulents at Walmart today. A sedum and a new type of jade plant I didn't have. They have had these stocked for more than three months now, and I heard that the retail stores aren't the ones that use pesticides. So are they safe to put in my yearling's enclosure? And how...