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  1. Obbie

    Can 60 pound Sulcatta tortoise stay outside full time ?

    Mali is about 60 pounds, since the weather is perfect for her, I’d like to put her hide out side. I’ll put in the shade. She’s been going out for the day. It’s not above 100. She only lays in the shade this year. Any one know if she has shade, and her hide is outside, is that okay ?
  2. Obbie

    Sulcata Brumation ?

    I’m hoping someone can tell me about my Sulcatta, Mali ??. I dont know how old she is. I’ve had her for 3 years. I received her from a neighborhood friend. Her Daughters husband found her in the gas fields in North Dakota. She is about 55 pounds, 28 ” long and 24 ” wide. My question is she...
  3. Obbie

    Should I remove pepper seeds prior to feeding?

    Few questions I’d like answers to…..I never know where to ask them……so, do I need to get the seeds out of the little peppers (yes, I do)
  4. Obbie


    Help, does anyone know if you can feed the small red, orange and yellow peppers. I cut them up, and remove the seeds. Do I need to ?
  5. Obbie

    A giant tortoise caught and ate a baby tern - video ?

    Okay I have Mali , rescued 2 years ago and is 50 pounds. The video really it hard, I mean my sweetie pie wouldn’t hurt a fly ?? In all seriousnes, you have to view this and just leave a comment ??
  6. Obbie

    New shelled friend

    Hello all. I’ve had ?? since Sept. 2019. She’s just lovely, follows me around. She has been healthy, good eater. In the last week her stools are very runny, not watery. She has been drinking maybe a full 8 oz of water every day. She gets grasses in our yard, I’m wondering if the Mazuri...
  7. Obbie

    White albumin type excrement at same time as poopin in the soak

    Mali is doing good, eats well, poops good. This egg white stuff comes out (it’s A LOT !). It doesn’t float, if she poops outside of her soak, the white stuff maybe comes out of her bladder ? So I clean up after her right away, that white stuff dries almost immediately and literally looks and...
  8. Obbie

    Is my Emi gone ?

    Emi is my Sulcatta that is 13 months old. I just upgraded her habitat, it went from a cement mixing container to the kiddy pool. I put a double pack of the coconut coir. I added a 10 lb bag of organic dirt, and put her in Monday. I checked her this morning and she is limp, eyes shut, I’m so...
  9. Obbie

    My Sulcatta isn’t eating ! I got her in August.

    My Sulcatta is not eating. We’re back to dandelion leaves, it was her favorite last fall. I got her last August
  10. Obbie

    Tortoise is not eating anything.

    My Sulcatta has quit eating, she’ll drink water. We’re finally back to grass & dandelions !! I mix it up with her tortoise kibble.