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    I've beat this question down already, but I thought I'd try one more time. There have been some grasses I have tried to find the safety of, but without luck 1. I believe this to be finger grass 2. Blue Grama (Bouteloua gracilis) 3. Indian/Wood grass (Sorghastrum nutans) 4. Inland Sea Oats...
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    Borax- Am I overreacting?

    I know people say that borax and a sugar mixture using a cotton ball can get rid of ants, but I've been nervous to use the product since it can be poisonous.... So should I use it, or not? Note: since we've been in an extreme drought, they will go after syrup.
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    Unsafe Grass

    From all I have gathered, there are no grasses that are unsafe for a sulcata tortoise, except perhaps a sharp grass such as pampas, or a grass freshly treated with pesticide. Is this true? I just wanted to make sure before planting some. Yes, I know to wait a year for potentially treated grass
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    A question on concrete...

    I recently made a large 'Pond' for our sulcata. I used Quikrete Crack Resistant- link to product here. Now for the question- it seems to have a lot of chemicals. Should I use it or is it unsafe? Thanks
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    Grass potentially toxic?

    I recently bought a nice pot of Indian Grass (Sorghastrum nutans) and Inland Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium). I couldn't find much info on their toxicity, but I know they are relatively graze- tolerant. Does anyone know if they are safe for a sulcata? Thanks PS- I don't believe pesticides...
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    Blue coating on grazing seeds

    I bought some buffalo grass seed recently Intended for Grazing link here the seeds have a blue germination coating. during soaking most of it has washed off I would think it is safe since it is made for pasture grazing but I wanted to double- check
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    Plant I.D./Safety- Also: peppermint vs mint

    I have many weeds growing in the new enclosure (sulcata) and out in the yard. A few I've identified, but others I cannot. 1. I've identified as a Virginia Copperleaf, but I can't find info on its safety 2. I.D.ed as American Mallow, but again no safety info available. It has orange flowers in...
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    Is This Website Any Good?

    Great Basin Seed: Link I Was thinking about these grasses: Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, and Buffalo Grass It advertises as "for grazing" so I think it would be safe, but I wanted to double check.
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    How's This Plant Selection?

    Hello anyone. I've been making plant selections for Luna (sulcata), but i've also been trying to keep the environment in mind as well, with native and/or beneficial plants. So far this is my list: Grasses I recently found this site It has a lot of species of grass...
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    Gardening and Enclosures with wildlife in mind

    I’ve always loved the idea of native gardening. If hurts a little every time I see a yard with close cut invasive grasses and high maintenance non-native plants. The thing is, there Doesn’t seem to be much information on native plants regarding sulcata tortoises, or any tortoises for that matter...
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    How to create a large cover

    I’ve been planning a large outdoor area for our sulcata (maybe around 15x20 feet). I’m just not sure how to cover the area for protection from large birds, opossums, etc. what would you recommend? one more question I might throw in, How deep into the ground should fencing go to prevent digging out?
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    Lesser Known plants

    Hello. I was wondering if any of you had much information about these plants malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii (turk’s cap- I believe it is in the same family as hibiscus) Chasmanthium latifolium (inland sea oats) Hibiscus moscheutos (hardy hibiscus) I couldn‘t find much information on them...
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    Fencing and Cover

    We are about to start our tortoise’s largest enclosure yet. I was wondering, however, what materials would you recommend for fencing, and how deep into the ground should it go? Also, until what size did y’all keep your tortoises’ covered with a net/ at what point are they pretty much safe from...
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    Wasn’t exactly sure where to post this

    I’ve been looking for a large plant for our greenhouse for a while, mostly for shade for other plants. Bamboo (Bambusa multiplex) seems like a good option since it it grows relatively fast and is safe for tortoises (ours stays in the greenhouse in winter). I cannot find, however, if it can grow...
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    How is this Idea

    Our greenhouse does not warm up enough for our Sulcata. With a heater running during 20 degree nights, it only stays just above freezing. I'm thinking of putting a "greenhouse"inside of the greenhouse Supplies(?) small dog house ceramic heat emitter light socket I have a thermostat, too. Will I...
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    (Haha starting controversy) Anyways, I want to start a "cloud forest" feel in my greenhouse. My tortoise will stay in here during winters and colder days. What is the best tool to raise humidity/fog while still being safe (not making bacteria airborne, etc.). I would prefer something that works...
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    Humidifiers/ foggers

    Hey. I was wondering about foggers for a young tortoise We gave a greenhouse, and It gets extremely hot at times, even with AC/ ventilation. I thought about using something like this, it's a little different from one of those ultrasonic diffusers What would you guys recommend? will this...
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    Hello. I am planning on putting my tortoise in my greenhouse over this winter. I thought about painting a "moss slurry" on the stone surfaces to work as an all natural insulation. Does anyone know if moss (not sphagnum) is safe tor sulcatas to eat? thanks.
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    Sulcata Tortoise native range- the Sahel

    I wanted to put this here. The Sahel is the region of Africa south of the Sahara and north of the Savannah. Naturally, most Sulcatas can be found here. It is a semi-arid windy habitat with short grasses with pockets of shrublands and forests. There is a rainy and dry season, much like the...
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    Greenhouse In a hot environment

    Hello. I haven' been on tortoise forum in a couple of months. I have been quite busy. Anyways, we live in Texas and we built a greenhouse recently. It has only a few plants in it. Fortunatley for this year so far, it has stayed cooler, but it won't last long. We will get months in a row of 90-...