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  1. Eric Phillips

    One Eyed Wanda

    Say hello to “One Eye Wanda”…she’s a 2019 three toed hatchling that lost her eye from one of her clutchmates. The eye became infected, she became sick, and it took about 2 months of rehab to get her back to somewhat normal. I’ve been feeding her like crazy this year to get her caught back up to...
  2. Eric Phillips

    Out of Control Enclosure

    I built this enclosure to house Gulf Coast Box Turtles 5 years ago…I pruned it back even this year, lol
  3. Eric Phillips

    A Special Wild Gopher Tortoise

    On 8/6/21 my beloved mother passed away at her residence in Sebring, Florida. Thankfully, I was able to be by her side as I travelled from Ohio that day. While I won’t get into all the details of her health, I will say she was an absolute warrior and inspiration to anyone who was fortunate to...
  4. Eric Phillips

    The Anomaly

    Here’s a 2019 holdback captive bred 3 toed box turtle that deviates from the norm from my group. The parents are light shelled with minimal markings. The male’s skin is very colorful while the females is average. The mother averaged close to 2 clutches a year(about 8 egg average) for the last 5...
  5. Eric Phillips

    Relaxing Sunday

    Just cooling off and relaxing on this Sunday afternoon…shell kayaking;)
  6. Eric Phillips

    I’m Back…Gulf Coast Enclosure Crazy!

    Hello…Hello…my fellow TFO members, it’s been a minute or two since I’ve been on here. I hope all you box turtle enthusiasts are doing well, along with all you fellow TFO patrons. I’ve been away for too long so my apologies, however here’s a few updated pics from my overrun Gulf Coast Enclosure...
  7. Eric Phillips

    Little Big Eyes

    Here is one of my 3 toed hatchlings from this year...I call it little Big Eyes for good reason..
  8. Eric Phillips

    Suburban Critter Alert

    Just a reminder to all you suburban turtle keepers...trash pandas love the suburbs and they will wreak havoc upon your turtle property. Please take all necessary precautions to keep your turtles/torts safe;) I live in a suburban village and this year alone I live trapped 4 raccoons and 5 possums...
  9. Eric Phillips

    Baby Blue/Green Eyed 3 Toed

  10. Eric Phillips

    The Panhandle in Ohio?

  11. Eric Phillips

    Hatchling 3 toed eyes.

    Check out the look and eye color on this hatchling 3 toed...pretty cool.
  12. Eric Phillips

    Over the winter juveniles

    These Gulf Coast juveniles are tired of the winter and so am I. These guys are out growing their winter homes and I’m ready for them to be outside. .
  13. Eric Phillips

    Female Panhandle Gulf Coast

    Update pic of a young cb female panhandle Gulf Coast i received last year from Michaela...parents are from Mr. Leone’s bloodlines.
  14. Eric Phillips

    Welcome to the world

  15. Eric Phillips

    Morning Breakfast Find

    This young female Panhandle Gulf Coast found herself a nice snack early this morning!
  16. Eric Phillips

    Trade high color proven male 3 toed Box Turtle

    Looking to trade high color proven LTC male 3 toed Box Turtle for adult, sub adult, or juvenile dark female Gulf Coast Box Turtle. He’s been with me for almost 5 illnesses during this breeder...carapace has a slight unevenness curve...lives outdoors in Ohio year...
  17. Eric Phillips

    Color progression

    2 year color progression...
  18. Eric Phillips

    2018 CB 3 toed hatchlings

    A few newly hatched 3 toed babies 8/12/18
  19. Eric Phillips

    A Few Major Youngsters

  20. Eric Phillips

    Adopted Gulf Coast

    So, I recently went through the process of adopting a Gulf Coast Box Turtle through Central MS Turtle Rescue...this one was chewed up a bit by a dog but otherwise healthy. I had to make a few extra changes to my enclosures as they have strict rules for their adoption process(which is understood)...