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  1. Missy

    Kane heat mat for my dog?? I no right.

    Does anyone use this brand for their dog? We have a seven month old bloodhound and want a heat mat for her doghouse for the winter. If you no of a better one please let me know.
  2. Missy

    Where do u buy ur pig blanket

    I am going to need another pig blanket/mat this fall. I would like to get the best price. Where have u found the best deals? Thanks
  3. Missy

    Anyone have duckweed to spare???

    Ok so one of our foster boys has 2 turtles. We have them for now in a cattle trough. I have been looking for duckweed for them and cant find any. I have checked a couple ponds too with no luck. Would anyone be kind enough to put some in a ziplock bag and mail it to me. I will return postage.
  4. Missy

    Anyone have any experience with TSA ?

    I went to the St Louis zoo over the weekend and got to take my foster son in with the Aldabra tortoises. Long story short, I talked to the herp keeper at length and he told me about TSA and said I should join. I looked them up but I am not sure if I should join. Anyone from TFO have any...
  5. Missy

    Long time dream coming true

    I am so excited. I am picking up my Bloodhound puppy next week. I have been a EMT for years and have assisted in off time in search and rescue. I have wanted a search dog for years and I am so excited to finally get my dream search dog. We do not have any search dogs in our area and have to call...
  6. Missy

    Does anyone else do this?

    When I am fixing the greens for the torts I take out the big stems. Like with mustard greens I strip the leaf off the thick stem. I don't want them to get choked but at the same time it causes a lot of waste. Do I just worry to much? Lana is like 20lbs so I think she would do ok with the stems...
  7. Missy

    We got a baby Hedgehog

    Hi all been a while since I posted. We just brought home the cutest albino Hedgehog. The boys named her Marshmallow. No pics yet cause she is very shy and every time I try to take a pic she balls balls up into a little thorny, hissing ball. I will try and get some up soon.
  8. Missy

    I need 20# Mazuri

    Those that sell it can you give me a price with shipping to area code 62675 Thanks
  9. Missy

    This will be the best Christmas ever!!!

    Some of you may remember that I have been trying to get my cousins kids out of foster care for a year now. Well we finally brought the 2 boys home last week. Thank you God. On top of that both my kids will be home for Christmas as well. Last year both my kids were deployed at Christmas. This...
  10. Missy

    hatchling tortoises in the wild

    I have been thinking about hatchling tortoises in the wild. Mainly Leopard and Sulcata. If hatchlings spend most of their time in a burrow then how often do they come out to eat? How much sun do they get? Do they stay close to the burrow for protection? How deep/large is a hatchling burrow? In...
  11. Missy

    My soldier son got home Thursday.

    Hi all, I have been in Norfolk VA visiting my daughter, she is in the Navy. My son came home Thursday from a year in Afghanistan and my daughter and I flew out to meet him when he came in. I wanted to thank everyone that has kept my kids in their prayers. I am the happiest mom in the world. To...
  12. Missy

    Derby has worms, need advice.

    Well my box turtle had lots of tiny white worms in his poo. I have noticed lately that he is not eating much and not as active. Then I saw the worm infested poo, YUCK. I ordered Pancur from tortoise supply. Can anyone help me with the proper dose? I have not weighed him yet, can't find the darn...
  13. Missy

    My son is coming home in a few weeks from Afghanistan

    Hi all. Thanks so much for all the prayers for my kids. My daughter has been home from deployment for several weeks. I talked to my son today and he will be coming home in a few weeks. I can't give exact date but wont be long. It has been a long hard year. He told me he is getting promoted to...
  14. Missy

    How do you all feed Mazuri, wet or dry?

    Just wondering how everyone feeds Mazuri. I have always soaked mine. I like it soggy because I feel they get well needed water that way. I also worry they could get choked on hard pieces. I guess thats the EMT in me, LOL. Anyway just wondering.
  15. Missy

    TFO's Fourth Anniversary: Mid-West Get-Together

    I have offered to host a Mid-West get together if there is enough interest. I live in central IL. Unfortunately Josh will not be able to attend because of the distance but is supportive of us getting together. If you are interested please let me know. I live in a very historic area, we have a...
  16. Missy

    look terryo- this is Derby

    What do you think Terry?
  17. Missy

    Not to happy with the local zoo.

    I have lived in IL for 7 years now and only live 25 miles from a small 15 acre zoo but have never gone until today. Most of the zoo was nice and had great enclosures except for the tortoise enclosures. They had 2 large Sulcatas, I would guess at least 100 lbs. The food bowl had lots of grapes...
  18. Missy

    Who has the best price on Mazuri

    I am going to need to order some soon. Looking for the best price:)
  19. Missy

    Dayo in Tanks old enclosure

    I think Tanks old enclosure will do for Dayo for a couple years. She seems to like it. I cover it with bird netting but I am always right there keeping a close eye on her.
  20. Missy

    Good link for plants for tort enclosures

    Just browsing and found this. Some plants I never thought about that would look nice in a big enclosure.