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  1. Tort momma

    Outside Colorado enclosure for our Greek ???

    hi. our 3 year old Greek "Diesel" is going outside to his new habitat. We are trying to create an enclosure for winter, but not sure it's possible for Colorado. I have searched on this forum for ideas, but again not sure if it will work in Colorado's winter. Pig blankets and lights ...
  2. Tort momma

    My simplistic enclosures

    Nice. Going to copy them!!!
  3. Tort momma

    Hello from Colorado

    Oh my gosh we can't come up with a name that we all agree on! I will keep you posted.
  4. Tort momma

    Hello from Colorado

    Hello! I am coming to the forum to re-educate myself on raising a baby. This time a Sulcata...last time a Greek. "My son's" Greek is now about 3 years old. I found this baby Sulcata and it seems he wasn't in the right environment from what I knew. So I bought him. We got him in his new little...