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  1. Jannra

    Please help my kid out

    I know this isn't about a turtle or tortoise but other kids have really been harassing my son about his name lately I was hoping maybe some people would have something nice to say about him his name so he can actually see that it is just people being jerks. His name is Remmy. He is 11.
  2. Jannra

    Anyone else watch their tortoises doing this very often?
  3. Jannra

    Can anyone help me identify my hermann's tortoise?

    So my hermann's tortoise has 4 vertebral scutes and is missing the 5th one that would be used to identify. The breeder had no idea if it's Western or Eastern just that his Hermann's are his smallest tortoises. He also breeds redfoot and Greek tortoises. Several of the scutes on the side are also...