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  1. ToryTort

    Have I purchased a fake MVB ?

    Hello Last week I purchased a 100 watt Zoo med power sun MVB. I swapped my old Arcadia bulb “6 months old” for the power sun bulb, it worked for less than 24hours then it blew. I sent it back after taking photographs and I received the replacement today, The elements on my replacement look...
  2. ToryTort

    Help - Scab/lump/crater in a crease on my Sulcatas neck

    Hello I noticed a scab on my Sulcatas neck, I don’t know if he is cut his self on his shell. I am worried it might be internal because there a sought of crater under the scab. Could it be a possible infection. He’s in the vet tomorrow was the earliest I could get.
  3. ToryTort

    Is this early signs of pyramiding ?

    When I purchased him/her I was provided a tortoise table along with a load of bad advice. I quickly found out all the information was wrong. I contacted the breeder and asked him how he raised his hatchlings. He said in an open top table with D3 lighting “he seemed to think D3 bulbs are the holy...
  4. ToryTort

    Help with my Sulcata Tortoise

    Hi all I purchased a Sulcata Tortoise from what I thought was a responsible breeder, When purchased he provided me a small tort table with a bad fluorescent bulb. I had done a lot of research before hand and read that it was ok to spray the terrain etc to keep the humidity up. After doing a...
  5. ToryTort

    What has happened to my Sulcatas tail ?

    Hello all I noticed my Sulcatas tail looked different as though the tip has fell off. I wondered is this normal or should I take him the vet. Thanks
  6. ToryTort

    Sulcata Information help to clear up after being told wrong information.

    I purchased a Sulcata a couple of weeks ago. It came with a tortoise table and a rubbish bulb with plastic light fitting. The pet store said for me to keep the light on 24hours, I knew this to be wrong after doing a little research before purchasing and couldn’t believe what he’s said. Anyway i...