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  1. Cute_Obi

    Calcium Powder

    Is it ok to mix the calcium powder with water? I want to put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray my tortoise's food instead of sprinkling the food with the powder. I really don't like how the powder gets all over Obi's face and shell.
  2. Cute_Obi

    Sunday Fun-Day with Obi

    I spent the whole day yesterday watching Obi play in his enclosure. Thought it was time to share more pictures of him with you guys :) Enjoy!!! Obi meets Mr. Gnome
  3. Cute_Obi


    Yesterday, I ordered the Zoo Med PowerSun UV Mercury Vapor Lamp 100 Watts from Amazon. I had it shipped over-night and got it in the mail today. When I took it out of the box, the bulb was rattling. I'm assuming the bulb is defective? Can I still used it and has this ever happened to anyone when...
  4. Cute_Obi


    Whoohoo! I got these seeds on Monday from Carolina Pet Supply, sowed them Monday night and they are already germinating!!! Obi is on his way to having his own garden to graze in.
  5. Cute_Obi


    Do I need to build a humid hide for my hatchling? He's a Hermann's tortoise. Most of the threads i've read about humid hides only mention sulcatas and Leopards. Any suggestion will help. Thanks!
  6. Cute_Obi

    A couple of pictures

    I love taking pictures of Obi. I just wanted to share a few with you guys. I think he likes the Halloween decorations I added to his enclosure :)
  7. Cute_Obi

    New Hermann's tortoise owner

    Hello everyone, My boyfriend and I are new to owning a tortoise and new to this forum. We got our baby on October 3rd and named "him", Obi :). I'm guessing Obi is a couple months old. We both adore Obi A Lot! So far Obi has only been on a diet of organic spring salad mix but he's kind of...