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  1. tyguy35

    Using a used enclosure.

    Hello, a few months ago our Savannah monitor Chubbs passed away and his massive enclosure has been sitting around empty in the living room. I was thinking of giving tank our leopard an upgrade. Chubbs passed away while we were on vacation for 3 weeks. We left and he was doing great and...
  2. tyguy35

    Cricket infestation in tortoise enclosure

    Hey, my leopards enclosure always fills up with crickets. I can't remove the soil and all the crickets replace the soil with new but a week later more crickets will be in the enclosure. His enclosure is not even near a room that has cricket feeders. I was wondering if I put two crested geckos...
  3. tyguy35

    Substrate for quarantine period

    Hello, soon I will be purchasing two 3 year old Leo's. I was thinking or housing them on new paper for the quarantine period so that I could keep an eye on them and ensure they are in good health. Good idea or bad? Any better ideas.
  4. tyguy35

    Another sex guess

    So I have another sex guess I need help with. I am looking to purchase these two leopard tortoises. Leopard tortoises are not easy to come by here nevermind finding. A female. I believe they are male female but would like your opinions.
  5. tyguy35

    Quick sex guess.

  6. tyguy35

    Top soil smell?

    Hello, been a long while since I have been on this forum. Well atleast writing on it. Today was cleaning day in Tanks enclosure, I removed all the cypress mulch which is now impossible to find in large bags apparently. Where I live atleast. So I decided after years of using cypress to switch it...
  7. tyguy35

    Quick sex guess

    Hello, just wondering if I could get a sex guess please on a 1 year leopard tortoise.
  8. tyguy35

    Redfoot walking weird?

    Hey, so my redfoot male has been having really bad smelling light brown poops almost a light tan colour which is also really soft. Since last night he been sitting under the heat lamp when I put food in its almost like he tried to get up then failed tried again faile and just dragged himself...
  9. tyguy35

    Redfoot lighting question

    I am trying to create myself a nest box. I am making it where all the females usually sleep I have put a CHE in one corner that I can get temps 85-90 degrees. I am in debate about putting my MVB in the corner opposite about 3 ft away. or I can put a red 150w heat lamp and temps get to 94 on the...
  10. tyguy35

    Constipated help?

    Hey, so one of my female Redfoots has been having issues pooping. She will sit and push and push but barely anything comes out. She's struggling and she's starting to push so hard she gets a bulge in her neck. I'm afraid she's going to push her insides out.
  11. tyguy35

    Good way to clean a shell?

    Hey, I was wondering what I could use to clean my tortoises shells. Water and what sort of scrubber soft or rough bristles.
  12. tyguy35

    Helping raise humidity in table

    Hey so I have a large tortoise table 8ft by 4ft and I am having some issues with humidity. I have a repti fogger but it doesn't really help. The Redfoots I have were given to me but they were kept rather dry and they have that white stuff around there scutes do to dryness. I am doing my best to...
  13. tyguy35

    I was not ready for the temp change

    Hey, it's crazy how our weather went from winter to basically summer weather. My new enclosure was built to hold the heat in the winter I didn't really think about the summer heat. I just checked Tanks basking spot for today and it is a 118 that's not good I'll have to figure something out.
  14. tyguy35

    Safe plants?

    Hey found these in my yard are they ok for my red foots? In the one picture the plant is fuzzy in the other its a bunch of plants combined.
  15. tyguy35

    All black redfoot?

    Hey, would anyone know where a mostly back redfoot came from what region? My redfoot is majority black tiny yellow spots on the shell. Her legs are black her heads black and her shell is very dak. Her necks even black not that grey colour.
  16. tyguy35

    Extreme gas?

    Hey, so my adult redfoot 13 inches seems to be having a gas issue it's not 3 49 am and he is awake making noises that sound like passing gas but with a bubbly noise before he does pass gas. He is breathing somewhat hard and sometimes makes noises like he's punching trying to poop. He passes some...
  17. tyguy35

    How long from mount to egg?

    Hey, I was wondering how long from when the male mounts the female to when she should lay eggs around? I am wondering for redfoots
  18. tyguy35

    Red foot odd noises

    Hey so I just got four breeder Redfoots last night and not even 5 min in the male mounted one of my females which was awesome to happen. Today the male is making odd noises like he has a stomach ache or is super hingry grumbling then I think he farted haha really loud. After the noises he...
  19. tyguy35

    What sex would you say? Male?

    Hey, I just wanted your opinions on the sex. Short tail but have been told he is a male and mounting.
  20. tyguy35

    Something safe to fill gaps with?

    Hey, I found a huge paint tray at lowes today I am going to use as a waterdish but it comes with these big gaps. Any idea on something safe to fill the gaps with? I thought of spray foam but what do I seal that with? Tyler