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  1. sammi

    Looking to remhome male Russian tortoise (southern california)

    Hello! I have had Ernie for about 10 years now. The vet estimates he was between 3-5 when I first got him, so he would be about 13-15 years old. Unfortunately my husband is military and we have to move to a place that does not allow exotics, and Ernie cannot come with us. I am in Southern...
  2. sammi


    Forgive me if I've missed something, but did the TFO photo contest replace the calendar contest for this year?
  3. sammi

    Living with worms?

    I seem to recall last year when I went to the vet, (back when Ernie had worms for the first time) that he could have contracted them a number of ways, including by bringing them in from the outside, or from eating his own feces. Then I also remember her telling me that it was nothing big to...
  4. sammi


    So thinking back to when I bought my TNT, it's been about a year now, and I remember reading (either on or on the product sheet it shipped with) that TNT supposedly expires in 1 year. Now I have kept it in a dark, cool, closet, and have quite a bit leftover, I would guess...
  5. sammi

    Plastic Huts?

    I'm wondering if anyone has these, or if they even exist? For cleanliness sakes, and because the wooden ones get moldy.. On a side note, I know I could find some tupperware containers, and turn them upsidedown and cut holes in the sides, but climbing up and over the round huts is one of...
  6. sammi


    Is Ernie allowed to have strawberries? He's a Russian tort, by the way. Picked myself some up at the farmers market and am wondering if I can share them with my little buddy =]
  7. sammi

    Pumpkin seeds

    How do YOU chop them up? Simply with a knife like dicing veggies? Or in a blender? Ernie isn't a baby or it even necessary that I chop them for him?
  8. sammi

    Stairway to Heaven?

    Safe or not? I apologize if this one's been asked before, but I can't seem to find anything about it when I search for it. Thanks!
  9. sammi


    I have read in articles how MVBs begin to deteriorate after 6 months of use, and are recommended to be replaced about every 6 months. My question is, how often do YOU replace your MVB?
  10. sammi


    Hello everyone =] It's been a while since I've been around, but things are well! Life is busy as usual, hopefully I can pop in here more often. Anyways, I bought a Gloxinia the other day from the market, and was wondering if any part of it is edible for Ernie? As a reminder, Ernie is a...
  11. sammi

    Our New Store

    I like the idea of our new store with shirt, mousepads, mugs, etc, but I think I'd feel more inclined to buy stuff if the design was a bit more complex. It's just a tad too simple for me...
  12. sammi

    Congrats DeanS!

    But which picture was his?
  13. sammi

    So I know Josh already announced this long ago..

    ...When he mentioned he was working on Photo Galleries for us.. but I just discovered them today! Ah! I was in heaven with all those pictures! I just got so excited I needed to tell you all that. Thanks everyone for their wonderful pictures =]
  14. sammi

    For those of you that have seen the movie "Stepbrothers"...

    I made homemade fries and fancy sauce today. I've seen the movie a million times but never tried fancy sauce. OMG I love it =] If you havn't tried it, you need to. Just mix equal parts of mayo and ketchup. YUM! :P's simple pleasures =]
  15. sammi

    Question about Business Liceneses

    I was looking over street fair applications, seller's permits, and business licenses, and came across the application for a California business license. It stated that anyone who holds a business in the state of California, including home-based businesses, must have a business license. Now, does...
  16. sammi

    Yellow urates?

    So today Ernie had a bath, and he went to the bathroom as normal. I did notice though, his urates were yellowish, similar to the color of human pee. Is this because of the dandelions he's been eating a lot of lately? Link to my last thread that tells the first part of Ernie's protest...
  17. sammi

    Ernie is protesting?

    I don't know what to make of this. Yesterday and the day before, Ernie wouldn't eat. So far he won't eat today either. I can't count how many times I places him in front of his food, only for him to run the other direction. -His eyes are bright, wide open, and not swollen. -His breathing is...
  18. sammi

    Arugala safe for Ernie?

    Saw some at the farmer's market today and picked some up for myself because I really enjoy it. But can I mix it in with Ernie's salad too? Thanks~! =]
  19. sammi

    I think I found a bit of shell rot on Ernie..

    But I'm not sure. On the bottom of his plaston, his shell started to flake off a bit [only a couple millimeters across] and underneath it is slightly soft..Is this shell rot? If so, what can I do? I've read past posts about betadine and novalen, or something like that, but I don't know where to...
  20. sammi

    I'm a little late on this but..

    I finally got my calendar =] I was one of the "last call" people, and after hearing such great things about it, I had to order one. Everyone looks so good on it! Another late congrats to all the lovely torts in the calendar =]