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  1. Terry Allan Hall

    Rest In Peace

    Thank you all for your kind words and wishes. Anyone who is local (Or wants to drive out, no judgement) is invited to his memorial. It'll be May 18th at Chisholm Park in Hurst Texas 1:30pm-5pm. The Bluebonnet and Longhorn pavilions. We'll be playing some of his music, probably crying and...
  2. Terry Allan Hall

    Rest In Peace

    Thank you all for your kind words about my father. This forum meant a lot to him and its comforting seeing how much he meant to you guys right back. And can anyone tell me what to feed three Hermanns? I have box turtles and I know their diet isn't anything like what Dad fed his spoiled little...
  3. Terry Allan Hall

    Rest In Peace

    We thought he had the flu. We never, ever in a million years expected this. It wasn't even on the horizons until it was here and he was gone.
  4. Terry Allan Hall

    Rest In Peace

    Moderators: I really didn't know where to put this, so if its in an inappropriate place, please move it. On Behalf of Terry Allan Hall: Terry Allan Hall passed away April 17th, 2014. On his behalf, let me thank everyone for your love, friendship and kindness towards him. While I don't really...
  5. Terry Allan Hall

    Should I keep my tort outside this summer?

    If I couldn't trust the gardener, I'd simply fire him/her and replace with someone trustworthy.
  6. Terry Allan Hall

    I need a new PC (Update-I ordered it from Dell)

    RE: I need a new PC Like anything else, finding a computer repair-person you can trust is key. One of the things I'm hating about our upcoming move from Texas to North Carolina is having to find a new computer repair-person I can trust.
  7. Terry Allan Hall

    I need a new PC (Update-I ordered it from Dell)

    RE: I need a new PC In the same boat, but have been advised to go with Windows 7 until I feel the need for a new computer. What a PITA! :rolleyes:
  8. Terry Allan Hall

    Big for his age?

    In captivity, tortoises grow faster, as they don't have to find food, it's brought to them by you, so they eat more often and frequently larger feedings, which leads to them getting big faster. Your's seem to be growing at a good rate. :cool:
  9. Terry Allan Hall


    Keep him warm and keep the lights on at least 14 hours a day. Tortoise don't have to hibernate (brumate), and not hibernating (brumating) them has no ill effect on their health. In 40 years, I've never brumated any of mine, and they've all stayed perfectly healthy.
  10. Terry Allan Hall

    Looking for a new Tortoise?

    Are you set on a different species? If not, and if your Steppe tortoise is female, get it another female Steppe tortoise to share it's enclosure. But be sure both are females, as 1 male + 1 female is bad, and 2 males is even worse!
  11. Terry Allan Hall

    Oh dear! (Raven)

    Looking good!
  12. Terry Allan Hall

    Awesome tortoise house!

    Pretty, and the only problems I see are: (a) What kind of ventilation does it provide? (b) Barely enough room for a single smaller tortoise, a Russian/Steppe, Western Hermann's, that degree of small. Box turtle, too. (c) OK for winter, but when it's warm enough, they need to be out in the sun...
  13. Terry Allan Hall

    Clay bowl like this ok for a water dish

    Yup, those are great other than needing to be filled more often (terra cotta absorbs water).
  14. Terry Allan Hall

    Cleared out some of my spineless cactus...

    Check your PMs. :cool:
  15. Terry Allan Hall

    Cleared out some of my spineless cactus...

    been sending boxes with about a dozen largish pads to members, and still have about a box-load left. Cost is $12.50 (the price of the postage), to the first person to ask for it (Americans...for non-Americans, postage will probably be a bit higher, and might be held up in Customs). Make your...
  16. Terry Allan Hall

    Oh dear! (Raven)

    RE: Oh dear! 2nd this.
  17. Terry Allan Hall

    Show your hermanns!

    Great names! :cool:
  18. Terry Allan Hall

    What is your favorite species of tortoise?

    Absolutely #1 with me are Hermann's, although I like all of the Testudo family. If I lived somewhere that the weather stayed warm enough for them to live outside 24/7/365, I love an Aldabra, too.