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  1. Lizastarr

    Free baby box turtles just pay shipping

    I sent you a PM also
  2. Lizastarr

    Worms and frogs migrating and dying?

    So the past 2 days I have found a dozen or more big worms dead/dying in my back yard all heading in same direction...on the dirt/rock area of the yard. Also saw a live large frog hopping past my chickens, then a dead, dried up frog. First time seeing green frogs here! Why the sudden migration...
  3. Lizastarr

    2 yr old Sulcata tortoise, oklahoma, needs home asap. Currently just over 2 lbs.

    Hello, I am in Oklahoma and need to find a proper, loving home for my 2 yr old Sulcata tortoise. Plz message. Thank you.
  4. Lizastarr

    Need a home for 2.5 yr old sulcata, in Oklahoma.

    I have been on here for a while. I have a 2.5 year old sulcata, Neo/Nia. I currently reside in mid east Oklahoma. Life has not been good and I do not believe I will be on this Earth much longer. She eats well, poops well but does have some pyramiding from my earlier stupidness. I DO NOT want...
  5. Lizastarr

    2 yr old sulcata

    Thanks Tom! I think Im going to go ahead and take all the tops a bar to hold up the lights and che....put a greenhouse over the whole thing. Will that help?
  6. Lizastarr

    2 yr old sulcata

    I live on Oklahoma Tom
  7. Lizastarr

    2 yr old sulcata

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  8. Lizastarr

    2 yr old sulcata

    Hi Tom, we have spoken before over a year ago when I needed help and thought of rehoming Neo. He is a sulcata, going on 2...11 oz. Very small but growing. He eats spring greens, home gown pea pods, grasses, bok choy and a sampling of about 8 different dried foods. From Kapidolo Farms daily. Also...
  9. Lizastarr

    2 yr old sulcata

    How much does a tortoise need to eat? I have a tiny 2 yr old who is finally growing, and while soaking him today he tried eating his feces. I have been feeding him 2-3 times a day.. Suggestions?
  10. Lizastarr

    Pulled this out of neighbors dog painted turtle?

    For sure...this is a big husky mix pup named Dakota...he was tossing them around and goofing off. Neighbor said it was an old potato she threw out in the weeds...not!!
  11. Lizastarr

    Pulled this out of neighbors dog painted turtle?

    Hi Maggie....nope, i had them outside in a box with greens and water for a few hours for them to calm down. The dog had this one for at least 10 minutes chewing on him before we rescued him. The other one was luckier, just a minute at most in the dogs jaws. This turtle has red throughout his...
  12. Lizastarr

    Pulled this out of neighbors dog painted turtle?

    Well they are both now long gone in a safe area with a small stream...wishing them both a loooong happy and healthy life. ?
  13. Lizastarr

    Pulled this out of neighbors dog painted turtle?

    He/she has a lot of clue? There was another one i got out of the dogs mouth just after this one, definately was a typical box turtle....i let them both go but decided to ask about this one.
  14. Lizastarr

    Can mice harm a big sulcata tortoise ?

    Guess im weird...i love mice!! Lol...but, like you, i wouldn't feel comfortable having them with the tortoises. Good luck!
  15. Lizastarr

    safe fertilizer..

    I wonder if the cuttings can be grown inside til spring, if so, I sure would LOVE to get some from you!
  16. Lizastarr

    I got a food question

    I'm probably going to get jumped on for saying this, but I have given Neo chopped up blueberries, strawberries, cooked sugar snap peas, raw cucumber etc...he has his favs for sure! I only do it maybe once a week.
  17. Lizastarr

    I got a food question

    My baby sulcata, Neo, eats grass and dandelions. He absolutely LOVES a bite of cucumber and green pepper from the garden!
  18. Lizastarr

    Sulcata lovers and photos

    Surely someone is near me in Shreveport Loisiana?