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  1. wayne.bob


    Looking for an alternative to the fast pace of fast food? Then bring your appetite — and a couple of hours — down to Tortoise Burger, where your meal crawls right to your table. Have it your way — eventually. -Wayne
  2. wayne.bob

    Help identify this shell

    today i visited my Grandmas house and took a trip to the creek. i found this turtle shell but i feel stupid because i cant identify the species. (I was in eastern Iowa) Thanks for all help, Wayne
  3. wayne.bob

    Happy B-Day Crazy1

    well happy birthday to you Crazy1. i hope you have a great day
  4. wayne.bob

    Happy Birthday Jacqui!!!!!

    have a good one Jacqui, Happy B-day!
  5. wayne.bob

    What Permit?

    i have been looking at the US Fish and wildlife website to find out about permits that i would need to keep cb turtles that are endangered in the wild here in Iowa. im sure it may be like the permits to keep desert torts in Cali, but i just dont know which ones i need and even if US fish and...
  6. wayne.bob

    Why the Tornado Sirens!!!!

    well i was woken up early this morning. our tornado sirens went started blaring at 5:15am and didn't stop until 5:30am i quickly turned on the news to see what was going on because my weather radio had not started with any warning. well the news said it was a severe weather alert. but the storm...
  7. wayne.bob

    todays Vet visit

    today Bob went to the vet. he started showing signs of RI. the vet was very nice and knew a lot about torts. ( she has some of her own) i was so worried because i had never been to this vet. she was very nice and i would recomend her to anyone. back to Bob: he has upper respirtory infection...
  8. wayne.bob

    Happy birthday Josh

    Have a good one!
  9. wayne.bob


    what is the proper humidity for RTs?
  10. wayne.bob

    Happy Birthday Dinkanber

    Happy B-day . i hope its a good one!!!!
  11. wayne.bob

    Female russians

    i have a question. why is it harder to find female Russian tortoises? i can only find males and the females i do find are all wild caught. ugh. the females might be at a higher demand to offset the male population (with breeding).
  12. wayne.bob

    who's got the girls?

    i was just wondering if anyone knew where i can find some female Russian torts. i really don't want to buy from the pet store. thanks everyone
  13. wayne.bob


    Today when i was soaking my torts Bob started sqeeking. to give you an idea of the sound it was like when a tort pulls its head in really fast. it just started today and so i'm watching my torts closer to see if anything else is out of the ordinary. do you have any thoughts on why or what...
  14. wayne.bob

    Are these safe

    my sister got these plants and i just wanted to know if they would be safe for my Russian torts to eat. Carnation/ Chabaud Giant Columbine/ Dragonfly Hybrids thanks for your thoughts
  15. wayne.bob

    are torts part of this law?

    i was just thinking, does the law that says you cannot sell turtles under 4" also pertain to tortoises? any thoughts?
  16. wayne.bob

    Tort Play pen

    i found these and thought someone might want to take a peek. i didn't know they made that stuff
  17. wayne.bob

    How Deep can a Russian dig

    i was just thinking about an outdoor enclosure for my torts and was wondering how deep i should sink the walls so they do not dig themselves out?
  18. wayne.bob

    Tort starts house FIRE

    i found this today while i was at school.
  19. wayne.bob


    i have been looking at some of the pics today and i am now very jealous. Sunshine and warmer weather uhg. i have snow and ice here in Iowa and even my torts are jealous. why cant we have that warm weather and sunshine. lol have a great day everyone........
  20. wayne.bob

    Looking for female Russians

    hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone had some female Russian torts that they were looking to sell/re-home. of coarse i will not be looking to acquire the torts until the weather warms up. thanks