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  1. AnnV

    Disappeared 1-17-20 Indian Star, C elegans

    Has lived in his cinder block 25x15 enclosure with a larger redfoot female for 5.5 years. Never showed any desire to climb or dig. He came out, ate, followed his "girlfriend ' around, and either went back in his heated box or hid in a tangle of bushes growing in his enclosure. I have owned him...
  2. AnnV

    Taken/stolen star tortoise

    I am looking for advice on trying to get a Geochelone elegans back. I moved to Florida 5.5 years ago, my torts moved outside, and I have been kind of inactive here on the forum, for years. But my world has spontaneously become dark and wrought with despair and worry. Friday night when I went in...
  3. AnnV

    Interesting article involving prehistoric fossilized turtles.

    I wasnt sure where to put this. It is a turtle tale but probably of interest to everyone here, so I filed it in "general discussion. " I hope I am not being redundant. I dont get to visit often these days.
  4. AnnV

    Lexi is moving to FL!

  5. AnnV

    Interesting tortoise and turtle facts
  6. AnnV

    Non tortoise sarcasm. LOL

    Saw this on FB and thought it was cute.
  7. AnnV

    So, is this the ugliest turtle you ever saw?!

    A friend saw this in a home goods store and got it for me for Christmas. As she was checking out, the cashier told her it was the ugliest thing she'd ever seen. LOL
  8. AnnV

    Microchipping does work! Eventually...
  9. AnnV

    Funny! Thought Tom might get a chuckle out of this short demo clip.
  10. AnnV

    No place for chickens?! :-/

    I realize there is no place for chicken talk in the 'other pet' forums. Since my chickens are like dogs, I will insert here. I just have a whine and a boo hoo.... A hawk got in my henhouse yesterday and killed (out of 15 birds) my two rare, expensive Legbar hens. I am just sick. I went out in...
  11. AnnV


    Anyone ever heard of this? It smells and tastes like cilantro. But it has long thin leaves. My star devoured it. I will try the redfoots tomorrow. They were already in bed.
  12. AnnV

    Dumb basking question

    Can a CHE be used for a basking area (as well as heat) or do they actually need the source of heat for basking to be a lightbulb. I am trying to set up my new enclosures and it is trickier than I realized. The CHE placed off center keeps the enclosure at 75 -90. If I put even just an additional...
  13. AnnV

    Confetti for supper?!

    The torts' supper tonight was so pretty, I just had to share. The last of the rose buds were plucked and chopped up with the rest of their salad. Roasted pumpkin, apple bits, endive, and bok choy make up the rest.
  14. AnnV

    Poor kitty. Ppl suck.

    This cat was treated at the animal hospital next to my grooming shop. It was big news on several local networks last night. The mayor was going door to door campaigning when he and his crew came upon the cat impaled with the arrow. Apparently the cat draged itself up on the porch and the owner...
  15. AnnV

    How to safely hang lights inside enclosure?

    I have new enclosed boxes for the torts. 4' x 2' x 2' high. The lights/CHE will hang from the ceiling. (Pictured outside, and inside ceiling.) I have some Zoomed fixtures that have the wire hangers. But my Flukers only have the clamps, which I have not used. I have just had them sitting on the...
  16. AnnV

    Reptile show in Brockton, MA 10-27-13?

    I think I have the date and town right. I lost my link to it. But I wrote myself a note with address. Does anyone know if its worth a couple hour drive?
  17. AnnV

    What is this Galopagos tortoise disease they are studying?!

    I just got a crossposted notice on one of my other tort groups that "they" are looking for volunteer golap owners to participate. What is this? I hope the wild torts aren't in danger of dying out?! Is anyone here participating? Although I could never hope to own one, I love them dearly as I am...
  18. AnnV


    She is just over 4".
  19. AnnV

    I hope our friends in India are safe.

    Prayers and good thoughts for the safety of every in the path of the terrible cyclone hitting that area of the world. Ann from CT
  20. AnnV

    Didn't know snakes crawled in reverse!

    We had some baby garter snake get loose in our basement. I think mama crawled into our bulkhead and dropped them between the outside door and the inside door. I found one in my dog's bedding. The other lived inside the Bilco doors for a week, sliding under the aluminum door floorboard if we...