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  1. RichardS

    Opuntia ID

    I placed two fairly random orders for spineless cactus. Results were mixed. First was $16.50 via Amazon listed as Opuntia cacanapa The second was $23.91 shipped from Etsy listed as Opuntia cochenillifera. Based on the images Google returned of O. cochenillifera, I think it’s unlikely what...
  2. RichardS

    2007 Radiated 10"

    I can't believe I am going to do this, but I need to sell my beloved pet Radiated tortoise. I just don't have enough time to enjoy her anymore. Studbook registered #1500. Hatched June 2007. I've had her since July 2007. I say she, because she was temperature sexed to be female, but I've...
  3. RichardS


    Last night I ordered a medium tub from Vision! It was in stock too! It's coming via FedEx and I'll post a pic when set up. The was a long overdo upgrade. Vision's owner Scott seems like a super nice, friendly guy.
  4. RichardS

    Charleston, SC - Repticon Anyone plan on going to the show? Shoot me an email: [email protected]
  5. RichardS

    Radiated tortoise growth

    July 2007 October 2008 March 2010 Thanks for looking.:D
  6. RichardS


    Who says tortoises can't swim?
  7. RichardS

    Suclata shots

    Here are a couple of fun shots of a sulcata I had in 2007, which I bought from Jeff Gee. Let me know what you think! Anyone know how to embed the images in the posts if they are uploaded on the photo album?
  8. RichardS

    Ratiated tortoise scam?

    Anyone seen this ad? The seller basically advertises in multiple states (AK, IN, AL, AZ, NC) using this email address: [email protected] The ads read like this...
  9. RichardS

    Radiated photos

    As requested, here are a couple of photos of my Radiated tortoise. The first was from July 2007 and the second from March 2010. -Richard