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    He finally arrived at 9:15 this morning thanks so much coreyc!!!! I would like to introduce my new little man William Larry
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    :tort: My little Leo is in Albuuerue at the distribting plant and should arrive by 10:30 i will post pipctures soon!!!!!
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    Pop up toy!!!

    My son is almost 2 and he really likes tank, yesterday when he noticed that if he puts a finger on the end of tanks nose he will pull is head in then stick it back out. My son thinks this is the most hysterical thing he has ever seen!!!! I think tank knows that they are playing a game, because...
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    Tortoise on the side!!

    Yes I would like my salad with a side of tort!!! :D
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    Sunny day!!

    Finally I have been able to get my torts outside for some all natural sunshine:D The ground temp is 74 so I even brought out the little one for about 15 min!! They are so happy. I am so ready for spring..
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    Shower Time

    Daisy loves her night time showers with my husband!!!
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    Happy Valentines day

    Just a quick Happy V day to all my tort forum friends!!!
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    Lambs ear plant??

    Anyone know if this plant is toxic to tortoises? It grows well here and I am looking to add some ground cover in a few areas the torts will be in. Will they eat it??
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    where can i get mazuri
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    Okay so I am so excited I am heading off to pay for my new leopard baby she will arrive around 10:00 tomorrow, I am so excited!!
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    brittle shell!!!

    Tank is happy healthy eating well peeing and pooping, no drainage from anywhere gets at least 6 hours of sun a day!!!! That being said, there are areas between, on and around his entire carpace area, I had noticed it a few weeks ago and began to apply vita shell about 1-2 times a week. How many...
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    Daisy's breakfast.

    This is her first breakfast in her new outdoor space!!!! I She is 2 1/2 inches long and 653grams Last time I weighed he on jan 29 she was 646grams
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    Baby Leo

    I am looking for a baby leo in new mexico
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    Should I put more dirt in Daisy's humid hide. She has made a burrow sorta. Her substrate is coconut coir kept super moist and heated to about 70. She has dug a trench all the way down to the glass inside her hide. The coconut coir is about 1 inch deep all over. She really seems to like being...
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    Crazy Love

    Okay so I have decided that I am obsessed with my torts. Example #1 Tank and Daisy now have an entire room in the house, i am currently cutting a hole in the wall that leads into tanks outdoor pad. Example #2 I am awake at least 4 times a night for 1 thing or the other, and everytime I...
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    Daisy Wags

    Do sullies wag their tails?
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    Daisy finally stayed warm all night!!!

    After working on my setup yesterday I finally got it I think. I got a 60watt basking bulb 150watt che. I had gotten the temps right but was still loosing all my humidity through the opening where the lights were. I had misted like 10 times yesterday trying to keep it humid . I added a tropical...
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    Napping with Daisy.

    Took my baby out in the sun today and had her sitting on my lap she climbed all the way up me and went to sleep in the hood of my hoodie for like an hour!!
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    Daisy!! Need advice!!!