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  1. MichiLove

    Too cold outside??

    Hi! I have a Sulcata who is almost 5 months old. We live in New Orleans, Louisiana and I was wondering how cold is too cold for your Tortoise to be outside in this cooler weather? I haven't been wanting to let him/her outside because I don't want him to get sick! Today the weather is around...
  2. MichiLove

    Sulcata's new growth is a whitish color

    Hi, my Sulcata, Michi just made 3 months about a week ago! His recently new growth has been coming in very light, almost like a white color! I do not know if this is normal? If someone could help me and tell me if they've seen this before, that would be helpful!
  3. MichiLove

    Chamberbitter weed?

    This weed is all over my yard. I was wondering if it is okay for my Sulcata to eat? [hr] Here's a picture. If I can get it to come up!
  4. MichiLove

    Sulcata Hatchling bit himself!

    I was setting out some food for my Sulcata hatchling this evening and he was eating like always and I look over at him and all of a sudden he bit his own arm! He immediately went into his shell, as much as he could, with his mouth wide open with his arm inside! I was really freaking out! I...
  5. MichiLove


    Does my Sulcata Hatchling need to have humidity in the entire enclosure or just inside of the hide box?
  6. MichiLove

    2 Month old Sulcata Bent Spike

    Hi everyone, I noticed on my new Sulcata that on both sides of the shell in the same spot it has a spike that is bent/folded upward. I have seen other videos and pics of hatchlings Sulcata and have not seen another that has this. I wanted to know if this is a normal or common thing for them to...
  7. MichiLove

    Turtle Garden

    Hey everyone, I posed some pics of my boxies enclosure and I had some people msg me about it so I was going to show how it's held to gether and how EZ to make it is. I just got some non-treated 8ft 2x4s and coatd with Thompson water seal, you just need to go about 4-5 boards high so you have...
  8. MichiLove

    My Boxies, Well... A Few Anyway

    Hi everyone, I had recently posted some pics of my box turtles, but put them in the wrong section, so I started this thread so they would be in the right place and let everyone else enjoy them as much as I do.:D
  9. MichiLove

    My Hatchling enclosure

    Just thought i would show some pics of the indoor enclosure i made for my new baby. I know it was helpful to me being able to see what others have made and used for their little guys homes, so i'm sharing mine. (it's 4ft long 2ft wide and 2 ft tall)( cost under $50) and i have since removed the...
  10. MichiLove

    My Box Turtles And Their New Home

    Hi everyone when i introduced myself i showed some pic of my new sulcata, then i seen that people show their box turtles too, so i wanted to show some of mine and the new enclosure i built for them. Its 8ft on every side. plan on making a 10ft 1 for my sulcata michi soon.
  11. MichiLove


    Hi, my name is Kristen, I live in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am new to the forum and have just purchased a Sulcata hatchling! I am excited to get advice and meet other Tortoise owners and lovers!