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  1. Maggy

    Utah Hermanns Tortoise Rehome

    I am needing to rehome my 5yr old hermanns tortoise. I recently moved into a van and had solar panels set up so my tortoise could live with me. Sadly, the setup isn't working the way I need it to and I can't keep my tortoise with me. I will be in this van for the next 2-3 years and am hoping to...
  2. Maggy

    Feeding sprouts?

    I have a hermanns tortoise and am trying to learn how to grow him food. I figured the easiest way is sprouts. Trust me I have tried many things and I really just don't have a green thumb and kill almost everything. I am wondering if sprouts of any kind would be ok to feed him? Such as alfalfa...
  3. Maggy

    Rustoleum Bed Liner?

    I am currently building a new tortoise table. I do plan on placing a tarp on the bottom of the enclosure for extra resistance but I am wondering if the Rust-Oleum Bed Truck spray coating is safe to use for my Hermanns tortoise? With the lighting and everything is this an okay option? If I am...
  4. Maggy

    Where to buy in Utah?

    I have a Hermanns tortoise and I am trying to give him a better diet. I am in the Sandy/Salt Lake City area and am wondering if anyone knows of a local place that I can get him grown food from? I want to use grocery stores as little as I can but I'm just not sure where else to go that won't have...
  5. Maggy

    Is this right?

    I have never gotten a straight answer for this question. I have a 4 year old hermanns tortoise. Right now his enclosure is around 80% humidity. I am wanting to change his enclosure into a tortoise table but there is no way that I can keep the humidity up that high with am open top. From my...
  6. Maggy

    Tortoise Trauma

    My tortoise needs to receive baytril shots for a respiratory infection. I tried but I am not able to administer the shots. I am wondering if I take him to the vet every day so they can give it (5 more days) will this give him trauma?
  7. Maggy

    Respiratory Infection?

    my Hermann's tortoise has been "squeaking" when he breaths. I have checked his nose, eyes and behind. There is no sign of discharge anywhere. I'm wondering if this is an infection? Should I take him to the vet? What else should I be looking for or what can I do?
  8. Maggy

    Hydroponic flowers!

    I am going to start a hydroponic garden so that I can get some better food for my little guy rather than just store bought all the time. What are some good flowers that Hermann tortoises can eat a lot of? If you know anything about the hydroponic system what are some good ones that I can grow in...
  9. Maggy

    Cedar Wood

    I am getting ready to build a new enclosure for my little Hermanns. I know cedar isn't good for them but if I put down a tarp so they weren't in contact would that be ok?
  10. Maggy

    Contracted tortoise table

    I have had my hermanns tortoise for almost 2 years now and I have gone through enclosures like crazy. I dont have the tools or room to make a proper nice looking enclosure for my little guy. I am wondering if any of you know of someone in the US Utah region that builds tortoise tables or has the...
  11. Maggy

    New indoor enclosure

    I recently upgraded my little Hermanns tortoise to a new enclosure! It measures 5×2.5 so when he gets bigger he'll need something else. Let me know what you guys think!
  12. Maggy

    Time for an open top?

    I have about a year and a half old Hermanns tortoise who is about 3 inches long. He is currently in a closed chamber enclosure and I was wondering about what length or age he has to be before I can make him a really awesome open top enclosure that doesn't need 80% humidity all the time? I have...
  13. Maggy

    Coco coir in poop!!!

    Hi everyone so I am a little worried about my little guy. I use fibredust coco coir as my substrate in my tortoises enclosure because it seems you guys recommend that the most. Today I found little strings of it in my tortoises poop and coming out of him. (Yes it was pretty gross) he seems to be...
  14. Maggy


    I'm working on designing an enclosure for a full grown Hermanns tortoise. I've been reading a lot and it seems people are saying 8x4 is an okay size. I was wondering if that had to be on one level or if I can spread that space out between 2 levels of the enclosure to make it a bit smaller floor...
  15. Maggy

    Hermanns hibernation

    Does anyone know of a good resource for learning how to hibernate a Hermanns tortoise and just getting some information about it?
  16. Maggy


    I've been told that when a tortoise is a baby they need very high humidity in their enclosures, around 70% but I was wondering when does that start to go down? How old should they be when they need less and less Humidity? Or do they need 70% humidity all their lives? And by the way I have a...
  17. Maggy

    Food diet

    I wanted your guys opinion on the current diet that my little Hermanns tortoise is eating! Currently he gets a mix of romaine lettuce, bok choy, collard greens and some green beans mixed in. Every so often I will find dandelion at the store which he will also get, what do you guys think?
  18. Maggy

    Mazuri tortoise food

    I have a little baby tortoise and his diet consists of actual weeds but sometimes in the winter it is hard to get them so I have tried to get my tortoise to eat the mazuri food but he will not eat it! He refuses and he will just go the day without eating if I put it in his food bowl. I have...
  19. Maggy

    Weird Spots??

    I don't know if you can tell by the photos but my little baby Hermann's tortoise has little white swirly circles all up and down his underside. You can see it most on the black parts but he has it on the white parts too. Should I be worried about what they are or are they just some markings he has?
  20. Maggy


    I really want to start growing my own plants but I absolutely am terrible at doing so! (At least starting at the seed stage) I have a few local flower shops and of course home depot to get flowers from but most of the places use some type of fertilizer or bug remover and I was wondering if I...