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  1. Ketta

    Keto UPDATE

    So he has adapted very well to his new enclosure. Today i weighted him and from 270 g he was weghting 2 weeks ago.. 2 months ago i measured him and he was 8' long and 5.6' wide. He is now at 325 g 10' long and 8.3' wide he has been hiding a lot! And only comes out once a day drinks water and...
  2. Ketta

    Keto sleeping ... how your torts sleep?

    This is Keto sleeping... lol he sleeps like that every night. How your torts sleep?
  3. Ketta

    Keto UPDATE

    We are back! He is weighting almost 300 g time flies its been 7 months since i got him.
  4. Ketta

    What flower is this? Is it safe?

    What are these?
  5. Ketta

    Keto's thread

    I would like to have this thread to update on Keto today I weighted him he is now at 174 g yay and 5.2 inches. Yay my baby is growing! In 2 weeks he went from 150g to gain 24 g...
  6. Ketta

    Help me ID this plants and flowers

    I want to make sure they are safe for my boy. @Yvonne G @ZEROPILOT
  7. Ketta

    Starvation/malnutrition effects in tortoises?

    So its been almost 2 weeks since Keto have been with me and his improvements have been amazing.. incluiding that his colour is brighter everyday around his head and legs especially. So i remembered that when i got him his head colour some parts were either very pale or gray in colour and now he...
  8. Ketta

    How do i know what type of RF is Keto?

    I want to know this i read that there is someone here that knows how to ID each RF subspecie... @ZEROPILOT @Nookole @dmmj
  9. Ketta

    So Ketoo is...

    He has improved A LOT in one week! When i got him i noticed he had a pale pink tongue, his colour was not as bright. He 1 week ago measured 4.3 inches, today it was 4.9 in :O last week he weighted 5.2 oz, today it was 5.8 oz yay! Today i noticed his tongue is bright pink! Yay! Is it good that he...
  10. Ketta

    Personality wise how do you describe your tortoise?

    In relation with yourself... Keto is funny very calm! Today he made me laugh so I spent today most of my day out like visiting a friend who went into surgery today... usually im home at noon.. he spent the whole morning with the open window getting sunlight, but today I arrived home at 7 pm...
  11. Ketta

    Debunking a myth!

    So I want to know if it's true that when a tortoise bites you got to burn its tail? That's what it is said here in my country...
  12. Ketta

    Does he looks healthy?

  13. Ketta

    So... (didn't poop)

    How often should Keto poops?? He pooped twice yesterday.. But nothing today... should I worry?
  14. Ketta

    Keto's weight and size

    He measures 4.3" and weights 5.2 oz with these values can I know approx how old is he? He is a red foot tortoise.
  15. Ketta

    Ketoo is..

    On the right track! YAY! The few times I saw him in my neighbour's house he peed but didn't pooped now I know why.. the owners were feeding him just lettuce once a day and some banana so he peed a LOT and pooped small.. and today I had given him arugula, basil leaves and some banana.. He had...
  16. Ketta

    Finally!! Meet Keto! :D

    He'll come home on Friday! Boy or Girl? I think its a boy! by the tail... excuse his muddy look but apparently he wanted to bury himself and he doesn't have enough soil at the moment! So he ended up covered in mud.
  17. Ketta

    How do i upload pictures?

    I want to upload the pictures of my new tortoise! and i need help to be sure if its a boy!
  18. Ketta

    Diet question

    I have learned so many things i didn't knew in such a short time! So when i was little (i was 8 years old, now i'm 35 years old) i had 9 tortoises but their poop had no white they were outside all the time we fed them fruits, some tomatoes, lettuce, carrots. I did saw them eating dog poop once...
  19. Ketta

    Is it true? (about salmonella)

    about the Salmonella and how do you control it if so? my new tortoise have a terrarium made with glass in hexagonal shape. Since i read that's not good i will change it to a longer and wider and deeper place. Also what plants are safe for him / her and that he wont eat the plants!?