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  1. AnnV

    I could hear Darwin's breathing today... nervous Redfoot dad.

    My big redfoot girl is coming up to 10 years old. I could hear her breathing for many years now. Its how I find her at night. We live in Florida now and she lives outside in a large enclosure. I figured she is just a heavy breather. No discharge or anything.?‍♀️
  2. AnnV

    Built an outdoor cart for my small box turtles

    Probably can set a wood plank on top, just incase.
  3. AnnV


    I'm sorry for your loss, Carol. What a shock for you. Losing babies of any species is especially hard. Hugs...
  4. AnnV

    In over my head

    Just a reminder, coming from a 40+ year pet professional, since so many here have mentioned such health issues: Just like tortoises, there are breeders, then there are really great breeders. Always seek out the really great breeders for dogs. They utilize DNA and other diagnostic tests before...
  5. AnnV

    Disappeared 1-17-20 Indian Star, C elegans

    He is gone. I continue to have restless, sleepless nights over this. I am electrifying my tort pen. And a camera is now fixed upon it. Regret is such a horrible punishment...?
  6. AnnV

    Am I being paranoid?

    Welcome! I hope your baby comes around with some tweaks in lighting and substrate! For night, you need a ceramic heat bulb that produces no light. Only heat.
  7. AnnV

    Boring help me with my barking dog thread.

    All of the above...dogs are pack animals. Aussie are busy-minded, brilliant dogs. Their needs are not being met. They want to be members of the family. They are not like tortoises, happy to roam the yard alone. Do they live out in this pen? If so, maybe you should convince the ones who do want...
  8. AnnV

    Disappeared 1-17-20 Indian Star, C elegans

    He has been in the same enclosure for years, with a 9 year old redfoot female. He has never shown any inclination to escape. He loves his roommate and follows her like a puppy. The pen is mostly surrounded by cinder block. With some dog fencing (ex pen panels)in one corner, with cinder block...
  9. AnnV

    New Baby Rads

    If you upload video to YouTube, you can then share the link here. Most of my YouTube videos are 'unlisted.' Only ones who have the link can view it.
  10. AnnV

    Disappeared 1-17-20 Indian Star, C elegans

    Has lived in his cinder block 25x15 enclosure with a larger redfoot female for 5.5 years. Never showed any desire to climb or dig. He came out, ate, followed his "girlfriend ' around, and either went back in his heated box or hid in a tangle of bushes growing in his enclosure. I have owned him...
  11. AnnV

    New Baby Rads

    Your babies are gorgeous!!! Amazing photos! Love the hatching series.
  12. AnnV

    Looks like I bought stolen tortoises

    OMG. this worries me.... Missing my little guy. I am watching CL like a hawk. May have to expand my search, though. I am offering a reward and would have happily handed it over to you! Thank you for being an upstanding good person....
  13. AnnV

    Taken/stolen star tortoise

    Yes, torts could be seen from the porch. I used to have dog ex-pen fencing held by stakes, until recently. But last summer my husband put up a two cinder block + topper wall. Easy for humans or dogs to hop over, but impossible for the torts to scale. We have one section that is still fencing. I...
  14. AnnV

    Taken/stolen star tortoise

    I am looking for advice on trying to get a Geochelone elegans back. I moved to Florida 5.5 years ago, my torts moved outside, and I have been kind of inactive here on the forum, for years. But my world has spontaneously become dark and wrought with despair and worry. Friday night when I went in...
  15. AnnV


    Has anyone heard from Adabraman? I have not been to the forum in ages, but I know Naples got hit bad. I am about 90 minutes north, and have busy myself, with recovery on my property. I hope he and his wonderful torts are safe. Many still without power. Misery.
  16. AnnV

    Strange pyramiding

    I think it's the lights too. But that is an odd pattern of pyramiding.
  17. AnnV

    What kind of snake is this?

    Very cool find!
  18. AnnV

    New Rare Turtle Species

    Really very interesting. Would love to know more about it like where its from.
  19. AnnV

    I think my tort is trying to kill me....

    My redfoots are nearly 4 years old. Of the 2, one has flipped herself at least 1/2 dozen times. She is always lyng there like she's dead. I have never called off work, but I get quite alarmed each time. She has always survived just fine. Idk why she does when her sister never has flipped, to my...