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    HELP! My pool collapsed and flooded the backyard. Unfortunately, the yard slopes slightly towards Ralph's enclosure. Part of his enclosure is flooded with about 6 inches of water. The water drains very S.L.O.W.L.Y. Will the pool water harm him with all the chemicals in it? He is about...
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    Different hay

    Is orchard hay better than alfalfa hay or vice versa for a sulcata?
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    Pest control

    We noticed a crap ton of termites and ants on my wood raised planter bed full of romaine and weeds for my sully, Ralph. I sprayed with peppermint, orange, tea tree, and citronella essential oils mixed with water. The weeds have not sprouted yet and the romaine just started sprouting last week. I...
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    Anything I can do for the excessive flies in Ralph's house? Outside in the open air, not so much worried about it. But in his house? There's a ton. Is there cause for concern?
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    Ralph's new casa

    We are in the process of remodeling Ralph's enclosure. He just got a new house (4x4x4 with a slant shingled roof that can raise for better air flow). He has two soaking tubs but only uses one. This coming weekend we are pulling up the turf and putting fresh dirt down, ready for seeds. 1) What...
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    Ant nest

    We are remodeling the backyard and our sulcata enclosure. We moved some bricks around and found a large ant nest. How do we safely kill and remove the nest without endangering Ralph?
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    Birdfeeder over sulcata

    Is it ok to put a birdfeeder over my sulcata enclosure? Im hoping for an extra array of weeds from the fallen seed. But my concern is the seed that falls and stays on top of the dirt/weeds, what will happen to my Ralph if he eats the seeds?
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    Building new home for Ralph

    We are in the process of building Ralph a new house. I am wondering about insulation. Is it okay to use insulation that would normally be used for a house? The kind you can just get in a roll at Home Depot? My husband is going to build the house with insulation between the plywood walls. We...
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    Need help in San Diego with enclosure

    Hello everyone. I need some physical help with my sulcata enclosure. I live in San Diego and just recently got my Ralph back. He was being fostered while my family was stationed in Virginia. I need someone to come help me winterize his enclosure. My husband is currently deployed, I have...
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    are these weeds safe

    My friend has been fostering my sulcata for almost 3 years (military, we moved to a climate that he would not thrive in). We are back and getting our yard ready to have him back. We are in San Diego, CA and these weeds are taking over. However, if they are safe for him, we will stop pulling...
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    Gunther is laying eggs

    So in the midst of trying to find Girly Gunther (our RES) a new home, she has been laying eggs. First one was underwater on 4/17. Second one was on her basking rock on 4/19. Today she laid another one underwater. They have been fairly large (though I've never seen a turtle egg in person...
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    Girly Gunther

    I am so very sad. We are having to rehome our RES Girly Gunther. I've already got a "possible" home for our Sulcata Ralph. (We named her Gunther when we rescued her, thinking she was a HE. We were wrong but couldn't think of a good name so we just started calling her Girly Gunther.) I am...
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    What gives out more heat, CHE or a red lamp?
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    Need daytime boarding in San Diego

    Our house is going to be painted the week of Oct. 4. I am looking for a backyard to board Ralph in. I can drop him off and pick him up each day. No dogs, cats, pool in the backyard. If anyone can help me out, I'd really appreciate it.
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    Should we be worried about two raccoons that come to our backyard at night? They are coming to eat the leftover tomatoes in our garden. The raised garden is on the same side of the house as Ralph's house, but not directly next to it. Ralph has a towel in front of the door and a piece of wood...
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    Can the weather be too hot for a sully? It's been hot and humid here this week in San Diego. Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the week with temps well over 100. Yesterday was pretty hot with a temp of 90 at the beach, and that's almost unheard of. I know they are "desert"...
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    Now that Ralph has free roam of the backyard, we are thinking of moving his dogloo. Do you think he will get confused? Should I just leave it where it's at? We have it currently on the cement, next to the grass. When his enclosure was up, we had part of the enclosure on the cement then...
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    Sulcata Humor

    We have a chain link fence on the back of our yard that opens up to a community grassy field. The kids ride their bikes, play, do whatever. A new kid that moved in saw Ralph walking around the grass and came running up, "OMG IT'S A TURTLE, LOOK A THE TURTLE, IT'S A BIG TURTLE!" My 4 yr...
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    The last few days Ralph has not been himself. He only comes to the door of his dogloo but doesn't come out. The weather has been hot one day, overcast another. Prior to this, he was out eating, peeing, pooping, sunning himself, soaking himself, etc. All normal. He was fine on Friday...
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    Sunflower Leaves?

    Can sullys eat the leaves from sunflowers?