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    I found one!! Take a look

    cute:) congrats!!
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    Which one first??

    yes Charmaine, one is for Ruben and the other is for Lyra (african leopard). They are both going to be 3ft by 6 ft and about 24 in high. I know that sounds too small for Ruben but, he won't be in it 24/7. I try to follow a schedule like yours. breakfast, soak and excercise. I have a sunroom that...
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    Which one first??

    First, I know these questions have been asked several times and I've read tons of threads on them. I would like some guidance in my building of two seperate enclosures. They are going to be wood with plexiglass doors. I would like to waterproof the interior wood but I would also like to paint...
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    2 floor enclosure pictures (thanks Millerlite)

    RE: 2 floor enclosure finally finished i don't see them:(
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    tortoise tragedy :(

    I hope she is ok. Our healing thoughts go out to her...
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    8" Redfoot

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU TO EVERYONE involved and helping me to get him/her to Iowa. I'm doing what I can to get the adoption money together quickly. I would be very happy to have him/her become a part of our lives:)
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    Found this poor soul online...

    I hope someone can give this guy/gal a better life:(
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    Russian 4 sale to raise money to adopt redfoot

    A member on TFO brought a very important point to me. It's not right to sell one creature to try an adopt another so please disregaurd this post. I will find another way to come up with the adoption fee. thank you
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    WT Trade Russian for Redfoot

    please close or delete thread as i'm trying to sell russian to raise money to bring the redfoot here from post in the reposted ads. Thank you:)
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    Welcome to TFO!!
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    Russian 4 sale to raise money to adopt redfoot

    Hello everyone from TFO. I'm selling my russian for 50$ plus the cost of shipping. I'm trying to raise some money to bring the 8in redfoot here from the post thats put up in reposted ads. I have the room, love, and currently building another tortoise habitat for this tortoise, I just need to...
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    8" Redfoot

    I'm trying to get enough money together to bring this tortoise here. I'm selling my russian to help raise the money..please PM if anyone is interested.. Thanks
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    8" Redfoot

    You find a home for him? PM me if you need a foster/permanent home for him. :)
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    WT Trade Russian for Redfoot

    Looking to trade a russian for a redfoot. The russian is apprx 2 yrs old and most likely male. I'm looking for a redfoot of about 1-3 yrs old. I tried adding a picture with no luck:( just email me and I'll send pics for you. Thanks for looking:)
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    Welcome to the forum:)
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    Marines create a haven for tortoises in Calif. desert

    Semper Fidelis Marines!!!! Great work:)
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    I'm in too. I'd happily foster in the midwest. IA, NE, SD, MN.
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome:) TB great to see you here!
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    Which Species should I get?

    I vote or the russian. Yuri has such a big personality:)
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    New to Sulcatas and I think mine is sick =(

    please keep us posted..hoping the best or you and your babe