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  1. wellington

    Need help. Russian tortoise sleep in the rain

    As long as it's not cold I wouldnt worry and just put him in the hide for night time. Ifs it's cold then I wouldnt let him be in the rain at all
  2. wellington

    Hey Loohan! Happy Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday
  3. wellington

    Stuart: Where The Heck Are You?

    Happy Birthday
  4. wellington

    Baby Sulcata Help

    120 is too high. The basking temp should be 90-100. The over all temp should be 80 and that's day and night. Blue light is no good. With what your using your night temps are too cold as you dont have any night heat. There is also missing humidity which should be 80% and there should be a...
  5. wellington

    It's raining iguanas!

    Yes they are invasive. But I still like them being there and it's pretty easy to eradicate the problem without having to kill them. They ask people all the time when the cold really hits to pull them out into the sunlight. So I dont think they are worried about them being there.
  6. wellington

    TFO Upgrades

    I hate changes, always have. But once they are gotten used too its usually a good thing.
  7. wellington

    It's raining iguanas!

    I hate it getting so cold in florida because of all those poor reptiles. Sure hope they all make it.
  8. wellington

    I may be rescuing a russian in a DIRE situation

    That's too bad poor thing.
  9. wellington

    I may be rescuing a russian in a DIRE situation

    I would be turning her in for animal neglect. What a jerk. Hope the poor thing is okay. Let us know.
  10. wellington


    While the sun is out beating on it, it should heat fairly well. However, heat rises so the ground/tort level will be colder and because it's all glass/plastic the heat will not be held in for nights or gloomy days so added heating will be needed.
  11. wellington


    I have used the portable pop up plastic ones. They do not hold heat so yes will have to be heated and that would be expensive. I used my for the sunny days to let my leopard graze but I heated it and only left him out there a couple hours on sunny days. I have also used them as winter...
  12. wellington

    New Enclosure

    Sounds good and looks good.
  13. wellington

    New Enclosure

    What does the temp stay at night and what is the humidity? The temp should not go below 80 and the same with the humidity. You might need another heat source for night time. I would give one hide leaving more walking space.
  14. wellington

    How much should a 1 year old Hermann eat

    The komodo diet is comparable to Mazuri so go ahead and add some to the diet. Tortoises as any animal do not go through teething like humans. Some days tortoises in captivity will go without eating or eating very little. Keep giving a big pile at least the size of her each morning so she can...
  15. wellington

    Russian Tortoise Pregnant without mate?

    Yes they do pop out. However, usually you only see it when they are around 2-3 years old and they are discovering their manhood and are relaxed in a warm water soak. This is the only time I actually seen my leopards. He did this for about a month or so and then I haven't seen it since and he...
  16. wellington

    Russian Tortoise Pregnant without mate?

    A female can not have babies/fertile eggs without ever being with a male. However they can still lay eggs. If it's ever been with a Male, it's possible to have fertile eggs as some tortoises can hold sperm for some years. I would suggest getting a Male as a female will need proper nesting spot...
  17. wellington

    question on the Leopard and Sulcata Care Guide pdf

    Might be best to add a quote to the post to not follow the recommended temps or delete it altogether. If new members are looking at that and nothing else or questioning anything then they are getting for dangerous info. I cant see what is all there. For some reason on my phone it doesnt allow...
  18. wellington

    Cute picture of tortoise!

    Gotta love the butt shots. Cute
  19. wellington

    Is this healthy

    She needs a bigger water dish. A clay saucer works best. One she can fit into and deep enough it comes up to just pass where the top and bottom shell meet. She also needs a minimum of 4x8 foot enclosure.
  20. wellington

    My Latest Endeavor...

    Awww that is sad. There are so many other ways to rid varmits then a poison that can't be controlled. Specially in areas with so much wildlife. So sorry.