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  1. vladimir

    Taken/stolen star tortoise

    I hope you get Jeffrey back safely. I can't imagine what you must be feeling. hopefully things work out :<3:
  2. vladimir

    New sulcata owner looking for feedback

    Welcome to the forum! Thank you for rescuing those animals. Can you post some pictures of the sulcata?
  3. vladimir

    Hello from Mr. Spock and his human in PA

    Welcome to the forum! I'm glad he has a new home
  4. vladimir

    Sulcata breathing loud at times

    I use this heater: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MXEDAV2/?tag=exoticpetnetw-20 Make sure that you make some sort of cage or shield to protect the tortoise from coming into contact with it. I'd recommend putting it on a dedicated thermostat also.
  5. vladimir

    Sulcata breathing loud at times

    Are you able to raise the ambient temperature in the room (especially at ground level) up a little? Ideally the minimum ambient temperature for sulcatas is around 80F. I use a oil filled radiator connected to a thermostat to regulate the temperature indoors for our sulcata.
  6. vladimir

    Sulcata breathing loud at times

    Hello, Where are you located? What's the room temperature indoors where he's staying? What kind of heat are you using? I'm sure others will have advice also but that information will help give you the best advice.
  7. vladimir

    CHE overheated remarkably

    Was it on a thermostat? I remember using an infrared temp gun right on the surface of the CHE and seeing a reading of around 375 F a few years ago. Those things get HOT.
  8. vladimir

    Back legs frostbite?

    @Jolie that's great to hear! Is he able to walk with his rear legs without the wheels yet?
  9. vladimir

    Feeding Mice to Tortoises??!!

    Wow, I remember the thread about the mouse issue - I didn't imagine one would be eaten! :eek::eek:
  10. vladimir

    Help building outdoor winter box without power

    Can you build a new box closer to the house and provide it with heat? Tom's box design using a radiant heat panel and a Kane heat mat would probably work well to keep him warm in the winter.
  11. vladimir

    Tortoise was mid hibernation but now seems dead

    I'm so sorry for your loss :(
  12. vladimir

    Merry Christmas everyone

    I got that same shirt for Christmas! :D Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry we're late
  13. vladimir

    Lost Sulcata Behavior in Cold Desert Weather?

    Good luck. Please let us know how you make out.
  14. vladimir

    Merry Christmas from Ray--Opo

    Merry Christmas!! :<3::tort:
  15. vladimir

    Thermal Imaging for iPhone for Enclosure Temps

    Thanks for sharing! That could definitely be helpful when insulating new enclosures.
  16. vladimir

    Can mice harm a big sulcata tortoise ?

    Time to add a third trap? :mad: Good luck! :tort:
  17. vladimir


    That doesn't sound too bad. Is the floor and/or ceiling insulated at all? Pictures will definitely help. Welcome to the forum, by the way!
  18. vladimir


    How warm is it inside the barn? What's the insulation like? My first guess is it's not warm enough in there, but I could be wrong.
  19. vladimir

    Using a Sulcata as a Serving Table (Thoughts)

    Saw this floating around recently - I wonder what the back story is:
  20. vladimir

    Overwintering Large Sulcata

    Welcome! You're in good hands with the advice you've gotten so far. Compost Hank is a beauty! :)