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  1. lilly_sand99

    Interesting BBC video

  2. lilly_sand99

    Help with ages please

    They are both super cute though!!!!
  3. lilly_sand99

    New Yearling Russian

    Can you post a picture of you tortoise?!?
  4. lilly_sand99

    New Yearling Russian

    If the temperatures and UVB lights are all correct, then it is ok for your tortoise to be burrowing for that long. If you start getting concerned just check those two things just to be sure everything is ok. My tortoise sleeps and burrows a lot too. But he moves places every couple of hours so...
  5. lilly_sand99

    Russian Hatchlings

  6. lilly_sand99

    Can't get my tort. to stop.

    In the mean time, feed in a different place and put a filler in that corner like a plant or rock or hide or something to distract him.
  7. lilly_sand99

    What kind of tortoise am I?

    ❤the eyes ❤
  8. lilly_sand99


    Not my Russian -.- he bit me the other day -.-
  9. lilly_sand99


    Hello! I love the name! Water should be offered ALL THE TIME, they know when to drink and when not to drink, or when they don't want to drink. Just make sure the dish you are providing doesn't allow them to get stuck or is too deep! Also the pellets are not recommended on the forum because...
  10. lilly_sand99

    Mr melton

    I love watching my baby wake up too! It's the favorite part of my morning!
  11. lilly_sand99

    New member with first tortoise!

    Hello! I love your little hide!!!
  12. lilly_sand99

    Does your tortoise fly?

    My tort tries jumping from my hands... it's always super scary....
  13. lilly_sand99

    Frustrating Feed Store Experience

    People really d ont like being told they are wrong...
  14. lilly_sand99

    New mummy here

    Hello! Just do what works for you! In your case the more water the better! By no means drown your tortoise but they do a lot better when they have more water.
  15. lilly_sand99

    Do I need more lights?

    You have a beautiful enclosure!!!
  16. lilly_sand99

    Russian Tortoise worrying me

    I would try a new UVB tube, the only way to know for sure is if you own a UV meter (which I don't have, I just go off of if my tort is sleeping more or if it's been 6mo). Sometimes the UVB gives out earlier than 6mo but it still produced light.
  17. lilly_sand99

    Not enough care

    My tortoise literally gets pissed at me if I give him too much attention. Like I can walk by all day long but if I like touch and hold him for too long, he buries himself for a full day! Just provide the correct environment and provide food and water!!!
  18. lilly_sand99

    Russian Tortoise worrying me

    Have you tried changing the UVB light? Mine gets less and less active as the UVB light starts giving out
  19. lilly_sand99

    Finding Articles Surrounding Tortoise Industry....

    Thank you for telling me that, I was under the wrong impression. Would it be better to switch my focus to how hatchlings are raised incorrectly(like in dry conditions), then sold? Explaining the unintentional harmful effects? But aren’t tortoises still captured and sold in different countries...
  20. lilly_sand99

    Finding Articles Surrounding Tortoise Industry....

    Hello Everyone! I am taking a Speech class, and speaking about the malpractices in the tortoise industry. I am going to focus on the consumers point of view, and the point of view from “producers” with a focus on most tortoises being wild caught. From the consumer point of view, I want to...