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  1. Sterant

    Any Radiata KEEPERS Interested in Adding Their Name to our State List???

    I haven't heard of any approvals this year - some renewals for very experienced breeders with a diverse genetic colony and some affiliation with an AZA institution.
  2. Sterant

    UVB life

    How are you measuring that? I don't really touch my bulbs all too often ;-)
  3. Sterant

    My angulate

    Though if I could make a suggestion - I would get rid of all of the Christmas decorations, the red bowl and the purple cloth stuff. I guarantee your tortoise tries to eat some of that and eventually he might ingest some of it. Tortoises also love red food items so.....
  4. Sterant

    My angulate

    I can get actual lengths and weights when I get home later but my CB baby is 8 months old and is bigger than that. I'm not suggesting either one of us has an issue - just the facts!
  5. Sterant

    UVB life

    I generally have to replace those bulbs after 2.5 to 3 years. As they slowly weaken over time, I lower the fixture until I can;t safely lower it anymore - then I replace them.
  6. Sterant

    Should I try to force feed

    I meant - what brand of antibiotic are you using?
  7. Sterant

    Herpstat Probes

    I also run herpstats - I clamp the probe to the side of the enclosure, with a small metal cable clamp, away from heat and light sources, about 2" above the substrate.
  8. Sterant

    Should I try to force feed

    What is the antibiotic you are administering and is it injectable or oral?
  9. Sterant

    Using antibiotics for other tortoise?

    Though there are certainly instances where it was administered safely and effectively, I have personally seen a range of reactions to injectable baytril from bad to horrible. I have not heard of allergic reactions in sulcata but I stay away from the stuff in general. If you need to treat -...
  10. Sterant

    Narrowly avoided thermostat disaster

    I would always suggest remote sensors/probes be fixed to the side of the enclosure with a cable clamp or similar. A probe being pushed into water or under a basking lamp will cause similar issues.
  11. Sterant

    Hibernating C. angulata in Captivity

    In addition to what @Tom just said, the best advice / suggestion I can give you about Chersina is to stay away from wild caught specimens. Take the time to find CB animals (and not CB in South Africa - those are not CB no matter what the sales guy tells you). Find a breeder in Europe and get...
  12. Sterant

    Hibernating C. angulata in Captivity

    I have an adult male out at a friends place (he can announce himself here if he wishes) and we hibernated him last year, and are doing it again this year. Now this is done outdoors, in a Mediterranean climate, so its somewhat close to what might be experienced in some parts of the natural...
  13. Sterant

    Changed UV light to Reptisun T8 10.0, 13” distance ok?

    Also keep in mind that the reflector in your fixture matters. A high quality polished aluminum reflector can nearly double the downward UVB as compared to no reflector or a junk one. I run T5 HO bulbs (reptisun 10.0). I try for a reading of 5 - 7 for adults and can get it with the fixture...
  14. Sterant

    Successful Hatching of C. angulata - Sterantino / CAWG

    Thank you @TammyJ and @waswondering !
  15. Sterant

    Successful Hatching of C. angulata - Sterantino / CAWG

    You can just put the male in with her for a couple hours - once a week. That's generally what I do. I kept my hatchling inside his summer but I will definitely put him out next year.
  16. Sterant

    Looking for radiated tortoise

    Thanks @Tom . I have a note out to @Paulcain
  17. Sterant

    Successful Hatching of C. angulata - Sterantino / CAWG

    Summer was great. I had them outside 24 x 7 - they are still out. They were exposed to the sometimes wet, and often humid conditions of uptate NY, and they did great. I have a couple eggs incubating now - one of which was laid last week. I hope to have better fertility this season!
  18. Sterant

    Best Thermometer and Hygrometer?

    Sorry - just now seeing your question. You can use multiple in one enclosure for sure, but I think that enclosure might be too small to get a significant variation in temps from one end to the other. I prefer sampling temperatures under the basking lamp with an infrared thermometer. Dan
  19. Sterant

    Building your own Expanded PVC Enclosed Chamber – For Beginners

    Looks great. Glad you found this post valuable. I have never used annealed glass and I have no experience with it. Mine all have tempered glass just in case something breaks it, I don’t have shards of glass around.