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  1. smarch

    Glueboard Garter

    Hi guys, it’s been a while since I’ve been a regular here. Anyway I’ll get right down to business, long story short I work in pest control, glueboards are used and I caught my first “oops” on one inside one of my high security buildings. A little garter snake. Brought him home and unstuck him...
  2. smarch

    Finally tackled the beak

    After nearly 7 years with Franklin, despite feeding on terra cotta saucers his beak continued to grow, possibly because he likes to drag his food everywhere to eat it. I’ve tried various times to file down the beak, but always worried I’d hurt him when I did the head catch between the fingers...
  3. smarch

    Baby Corn Snake

    So yesterday I went out and got a baby corn snake (and found a local reptile store so I wish I knew that was there when I got my Russian tort in 2012). And I’ve done a lot of research, but I’m back to the new pet thing where I’m constantly worrying, even more so since he’s a baby so I know he’s...
  4. smarch


    It's been a long time since I've made an appearance in the forums, so excuse me if I ended up in the wrong place. I just moved into my OWN room at home (yeah I'm still living at home, but I'm still young, and for all my life I've had to share with a sister who's 5 years younger than me) I mean...
  5. smarch

    10gal Betta setup

    This is my first thread back after taking a while away to work on keeping my life afloat, and it's not even about tortoises! (Don't worry, me and Nank are doing fine!) I've had my 10gal tank for years now, kept a few Bettas and fell in love with goldfish in it... Unfortunately a 10gal tank was...
  6. smarch

    Dog vomiting up just Spit?

    My best friend in the world just got her new pup, a collie shepherd mix, a few days ago. She works 24 hour shifts, so today was his first full shift time in his puppy day care facility. Well now he's been home since this morning and started throwing up spit and she's texting me saying...
  7. smarch

    Some fun facts This came up on my Facebook, I knew most but found a few interesting (did you know Russian torts were the first sent into space?)
  8. smarch

    We have a birthday among us!

    No not one of the humans, today is the day 3 years ago that Nank became a part of my life! It's his 3rd adopt-a-versary/8th birthday! As most of you know, this guy is a huge part of my life, actually one of the only reasons I'm still around today. I got him at one of the lowest points in my...
  9. smarch

    Prickly Pear?

    I was given the original pad of this cactus from a coworker. He was given his from a friend out southwest (possibly AZ, I don't remember though). Well it's grown quite a lot since, it actually had 2 more pads where the new one is growing now but they continued to stack on top of each other and...
  10. smarch

    Yangtze giant softshell turtle conservation

    Don't know if y'all have seen this one. But it popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook and I thought it was interesting, especially how they went about inseminating her...
  11. smarch

    Cactus help: Rot

    I've had this cactus close to 4 years and got it my first semester in college so I'm kind of devastated coming to work to see this. On Friday there was nothing wrong with it at all! What can I do to try to save it!? Can you cut the rot off and hope the top takes? I can't give up without at...
  12. smarch

    Car advice

    As many of you know I am graduating college soon, next Saturday to be exact. Well with that all of a sudden everyone is pressuring me to get a new car... And I am not amused by that. I love my car. I know it's not new or the best thing around but it's my first car and I'm not ready to give it...
  13. smarch

    Going Vegetarian or Vegan

    I've been thinking for a very long time about going Vegetarian or vegan. I'm getting older will be in a place of my own soon enough cooking all my own meals, and I've been thinking now is a good time to really start thinking about it. When I say Vegetarian or Vegan I don't exactly mean the...
  14. smarch

    I want a dog

    Last night we caught 2 dogs running around, no collars, we thought maybe they had been dumped. 2 beautiful springer spaniels. Called the police and they told us someone on the next road had been looking for their dogs. I was devastated, I really had hoped someone dumped them (horrible I know)...
  15. smarch

    Cat HELP!! Stroke?

    Something is VERY wrong right now with my cat Semore. He was fine one minute, then all of a sudden he started walking in circles, running into things, his eyes were freaking out going back and forth but I think that was because I was holding him still so he wouldn't hurt himself, he'll just...
  16. smarch

    Young Galapagos Tort Azul Dies

    Just thought some of y'all might find this interesting.
  17. smarch

    Annual Checkups?

    Just got an email from my vet since its been almost a year since Nank went to the vet (he was not eating and I panicked lol, he started eating again that night after being given fluids) Anyways, I got an email telling me if I haven't already I could schedule a check-up. Who does yearly...
  18. smarch

    Goldfish illness (looks like chickenpox)

    As I'd posted here before I recently got 2 goldfish, that I named Sampson and Juno. Well Juno had a small tear in her tail fin that had some white around it, not like fuzz but not normal. I'd been lightly treating with both Pima-fix and Mela-fix as soon as I noticed that. Then I noticed she...
  19. smarch

    Sarah's Art

    Well I guess the demand to share was high so here's the much awaited thread of my art. I sketch but my heart is definitely in sculpture, but quick sketches take less time so that's been my calling lately.
  20. smarch

    Wild vs Pet

    I understand tortoises aren't really domesticated like a dog is, but I think many of the ones that live with us are more than just a wild animal relying on instinct. We say tortoises come to you when they hear you because you are the "food god" and they want food. Yet many times they can even...