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    New Juvenile Leopard Tort Table

    Just a quick vid of the new table I recently finished for our small leos. Once they graduate from the 40 gallon breeder tank, they get to move into this. It is similar to the smaller one on the left I built last fall for our pancake torts. Alan [/URL][/img]
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    Swap male Pancake for female

    I've got a juvenile male pancake about 4" long (about 4 years old) that is starting to mount my two females. I'm not really interested in breeding tortoises, therefore I'm looking to see if there is anyone within a day's drive from me that has a known female (juvenile or adult) that might be...
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    Male bullying my females

    Anybody have an idea how long breeding season lasts? My one male is constantly bothering my two females. I'm not too worried about incubating eggs, but am curious as to how long the male will do this? I hope not forever, otherwise, I'll have to keep them separated. Any thoughts?
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    New Tort Table

    Just a few pics of my new table for my juvenile leos. The table is made of 3" and 4" poplar with a 3/4" maple floor and back. It is 34" deep by 68" long by 14" tall. The outer two lights are 18" ReptiSun tubes, one a 5.0 and the other a 10.0. The center one is simply a warm white tube...
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    New baby leopard also

    Goodness, it seems it is the time of the year to be getting leopard babies! My wife and I picked up a baby (looks to be about 3 months old or so) at the Arlington, TX NARBC show. I hope this one grow much faster than my current two do. Time will tell. Pics in a few days. Alan
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    New Leo in the stable

    Here are some pics of my new leo obtained from Tom. He/she is a slow grower (only about 170 g for an 18 month old), but not as slow as my other leo (less than 90 g for a juvenile several years old!). They are both enjoying some sun on a recent day in our front yard inside our "Port-A-tort"...
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    chard lettuce?

    Is swiss chard, red chard ok to feed to my pancake? Laura
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    How many UVB bulbs are needed when a screen top is used

    My new baby Pancake tortoise's enclosure is a 40 gallon tank with a screen top to keep our cats out. The tank is about 18 inches tall. Right now for a UVB source I'm using a 26 watt Repti Glo 10.0 CFB that is suspended above the screen an inch or so. My question is this going to provide...
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    New Pancake owner

    Hi, Alan here. My wife Laura just received a three month old pancake tortoise, so we'll both be stopping by occasionally to gain info on our new little one. So far the tortoise is eating ok, and slowly getting to know its new home here in the Texas Panhandle. I'll post pictures when we take...