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    best substrate for sulcatas?

    I know how to use the Eco earth. I DID wring it out after soaking. I did mix it with sand. It was not "Wet". I'm sorry if I sound offensive but I was not asking for advice. I was only posting my opinion and my experience with the Eco Earth for the original question of the thread.
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    best substrate for sulcatas?

    No it was from the substrate. The substrate was too moist, got impacted in her nose causing infection. The humidity is higher in her hide. I don't keep the entire enclosure high humidity. That way she can regulate what she wants. I know that since I changed it she seems much happier. More active...
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    best substrate for sulcatas?

    The vet I used was experienced with Tort's. At the time I used the Eco earth I had her in a tank. When she would walk around the edge of the tank she would rub her nose on the glass. She got some of the Eco earth in her nostril which caused infection. Resulting in her nose breaking off. Now she...
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    best substrate for sulcatas?

    I was told to stop using because it was too humid for a Sulcata. Too moist. It was causing nasal problems for mine and part of her nose came off because of the moisture. Many people use it though and are fine. I changed mine due to the issues I personally had with it. I use the hay now which is...
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    best substrate for sulcatas?

    I did use Eco earth until the vet told me to stop using it. Now I use Timothy or other hay/grass. Just not Alfalfa.
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    Housing a 100lb Sulcata

    Very nice job!
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    Happy Birthday TFO

    Sorry I'm late, been busy. Happy 1st Birthday!!! Congratulations Josh, you've done a wonderful job.
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    Bowser's Birthday pics (as seen in tortoise photos)

    Happy Birthday Bowser!! That flower looks yummy.
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    New Moderator - EgyptianDan

    Congratulations Danny! You're full of great information!
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    Finally finished building my enclosures-for now

    Very nice!! Happy happy torts :)
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    Max and Jack

    Very cute babies!
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    New T-Shirts?

    Depending on the design and cost I would like one.
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    he tries to eat rocks!!

    RE: HE TRIES TO EAT ROCKS!!! I have no idea why he would do that, but that is a really funny/cute picture.
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    Calcium in the wild

    Some plants such as the Prickly Pear cactus are high in calcium.
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    Am I the only one who STILL has not gotten their order? I don't think they like me.
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    Aldabras like corn too

    I love these guys too! I just want to kiss them they are cute!
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    Amazing Climbing Rudy PICS!

    Thats Great!! I am amazed sometimes by the stories you guys have about your torts.
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    Awwww! I want the one under her chin!