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    No adoption for me

    Hi everyone I regret to say that I will no longer be in the market for adopting a Sulcata . I did not foresee a problem that my wife seems to have with this. I am an over the road trucker and sometimes I'm out or as long as a month. Most of the time I am back within a week. I thought she would...
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    Just saying hi

    Hello everyone just saying hi got some good tips lately and I appreciate all the good advice I'll keep looking I'll get me a Sulcata eventually. I need to go home and get a pen built I have some good spots around the house to build one I just got to decide which one would be the best I think Up...
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    Hi every one

    Hi everyone I really hope that nobody takes me as too desperate anymore I was told that I should do some chat and get to know the people on the forum that I should do some chat and get to know the people on the forum . I'm sure there are a lot of really nice people out there but I have had...
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    Okay this is the last message I will ever post here. I haven't been with the Tortoise Forum to long . I was wanting to adopt A Sulcata . I hear that people buy them and can't take care of them I sit here with open arms want to help and what do I get who is this guy is he a hoarder well you know...
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    Adoption and form

    Do I need to fill out some sort of adoption form in order to adopt a sulcata and how do I find the adoption pg. I have found it a couple of times but can't seem To get back to it. Thanks Mike
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    Yard tortoise

    Hey everyone I was just talking with the wife and she suggested that when I get my new tortoise I let him run around in the back yard with the sheep. I would still have a hide box for him but will he no ok with the sheep. I also need to know in the winter will I need to heat him or will he...
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    I'm really intrested in adopting a sulcata. I sure I can give one a good home. If anyone out there has one or knows where I can adopt one please let me know I live in Texas here is my email LIVINLEGIN Thanks
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    New to the forum

    hi everyone my name is mike and I'm new and unsure how all this really works but I'm looking for a sulcata tortoise if anyone can help it would b appreciated Thanks Mike in Tex