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  1. Markw84

    Hatching platynota - an ongoing research project.

    Our 6th clutch of the year pipped 2 days ago, and today about 1/2 of them were out of the egg and ready for the brooder box. We are nearing 250 platynota babies hatched. This clutch will make 246, and we have 5 more clutches in the incubator. A cool bakers dozen hatching- 100% hatching...
  2. Markw84

    Huge Reptile Show this weekend in Pomona (So California)

    Will - (Kapidolo Farms) and I will be at the reptile show in Pomona this weekend. Young Burmese Stars, red foot, Russian, and other tortoises. All the tortoise food items of Kapidolo Farms. Smart Enclosures on display. Galapagos Tortoise Alliance display and info with a young Galapagos tortoises...
  3. Markw84

    Happy Independence Day!

    Meet Indy. Just hatched here this morning, so naming was obvious! So Brenda and I had a nice greeting when we checked the incubator on this 4th of July! Happy 4th to all!
  4. Markw84

    Nearing end of hatching season for the Galapagos Tortoise Alliance

    This week I just hatched this baby. The smallest baby Galapagos I have hatched weighing in at 58g right out of the egg. This one came from a 1st time producer for the GTA - the dam being a pure C vicina. As her first clutch sometimes the eggs are smaller. This one was from an 81G egg. Most...
  5. Markw84

    Complete Turtle and Tortoise Resort for Sale!!

    Anyone know of someone looking for a new home in the Sacramento California area - that is also a turtle/tortoise lover? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a beautiful home with all the best, state of the art, tortoise and turtle environments already created. It is with tremendous...
  6. Markw84

    Gladys Porter Zoo's Galapagos are laying eggs

    Just 4 weeks ago, I drove down to the Gladys Porter Zoo to visit with Collette Adams and Ashley. We spent a lot of time talking Galapagos tortoises. When we formed the Galapagos Tortoise Alliance, we made Collette one of our directors as she has so much experience with Galapagos in the zoo...
  7. Markw84

    Morning chores - soaking some of the babies

    Doing my chores this morning, I thought I might share a few pictures of a few of the tortoises I am working with. First round of soaks for today. These are some of the tortoises I keep in my office. so the first to get soaked today. I week old... 10 mos old... 3 mos old...
  8. Markw84

    Come see us at Repticon this weekend, Feb 26-27 in Costa Mesa

    I will be at the Repticon Show in Costa Mesa this weekend with Kapidolo Farms. We will have lots of Kapidolo dried foods, Radiant heat panels, no-tip water dishes, and several types of tortoises available. I will have several well started Burmese Stars. Come pick out a favorite for you! Of...
  9. Markw84

    Galapagos Tortoise Alliance

    We formed the Galapagos Tortoise Alliance (GTA) just over 2 years ago now. We are incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit. We now have 7 locations in 3 states where we are developing assurance colonies to help protect the future of the Galapagos Tortoise and some of the individual pure species we...
  10. Markw84

    New Research project to identify sex of hatchling and young Galapagos

    I have started a study with the Galapagos Tortoise Alliance, collaborating with Dr Boris Tezak, to see if Dr Tezak's techniques published in his paper on "Identifying Sex of Neonate Turtles with TDSD via small Blood Samples" can be used to also identify the sex of hatchling and young Galapagos...
  11. Markw84

    New sponsor for Galapagos Tortoise Alliance

    SensorPush has become a sponsor of the Galapagos Tortoise Alliance. The sensors allow you to monitor on your smartphone the temperature and humidity and it stores readings to when you check you can see a graph of the entire history by hour, day, week, etc. If you install a wifi gateway, you...
  12. Markw84

    Reptile Supershow in Pomona,CA is huge!

    Will and I are at the Reptile Supershos in Pomona this weekend. It is absolutely huge. The biggest reptile show I’ve seen We also are rolling out the fundraising for the non profit Galapagos Tortoise Alliance. Selling TShirts and Travel Tumblers as well as memberships in the Alliance. Current...
  13. Markw84

    A good year for Baby Burmese Stars

    This is my third year getting nests and eggs from my group of Burmese Stars. I have 4 producing females ranging in age from 8 to 11 years old and in size from 3700g to 6600g. So far from my 2021 egg season, I have hatched 102 babies with one more final clutch in the incubator due to hatch next...
  14. Markw84

    Understanding Outdoor and Ground Temperatures

    Recently there have been several posts about what temperature it is safe to allow a tortoise outdoors, as we normally see this time of year. So instead of a reply to an individual post, I thought I would post a new thread that could be referred to and more could see. My biggest concern with...
  15. Markw84

    SLO Reptile show today and tomorrow

    If you are in the area come see Will @Kapidolo Farms and me at the reptile show today and tomorrow
  16. Markw84

    Our vacation and the Galapagos Tortoise Alliance

    Brenda and I just got back last night from a busy vacation. Able to visit my daughter and family in Alabama, but also took time to allow us to do some work with the Galapagos project while in the SE US. We were able to visit with some amazing Galapagos tortoises. Got lessons on drawing blood for...
  17. Markw84

    Morning coffee...

    The turtles enjoying some morning sun... Tortoises out grazing... A morning cup of coffee... Life is good! Happy 4th of JULY!
  18. Markw84

    They certainly love the mud!

    Well, I had just finished soaking and applying a bit of coconut oil. I thought Billie looked nice - along with the others in the yard. He obviously had different ideas of the perfect look. The pot in front of him had a nice cactus yesterday that he decided to knock over and eat! They love...
  19. Markw84

    How I prepare the tortoise food for the day

    Thought I'd take a few pictures and document how I prepare food for the various tortoise I feed daily. Since I am currently feeding over 50 tortoises, I thought it might be of interest how I choose to do it by providing a detail of a day's food... This is one of the day's I mix everything...
  20. Markw84

    Burmese Star Hatching

    I love this time of year as the winter clutches of Burmese Stars have finished their diapause and incubation and are all hatching. 4 different bloodlines. These are the newest batch in just the past 3 days... And here they are back in their brooder box to get that perfect start... And...