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  1. evilsharky

    Did my tortoise just flash me?

    Hey all! I was just about to put Yoshi back in his enclosure today after his soaking and saw this pink thing under his tail. This was just about after he pooped so I'm not 100% sure it's his penis. Can anyone take a look and confirm it is what I saw? He's about 1 year old now so didn't think I...
  2. evilsharky

    Ryan From

    Received my baby Indian Star Tortoise from Ryan at 3 months ago and am extremely satisfied with my purchase. He was super helpful through the process and is still quick to answer my questions now. The tortoise has doubled his weight from 21g to 42g in the time I've had...
  3. evilsharky

    Indian and Burmese Stars Kept Together?

    Hi All! I come across many posts mentioning that different species of tortoises should not be kept together e.g (leopard and star) but I haven't found anything on different stars e.g (Burmese and Indian stars) in the same enclosure. Not planning to do this but curios to see if anyone has/had...
  4. evilsharky

    Weed ID Help

    Hey Guys/Gals, I have this weed growing in my garden and not sure if it's safe for my tort. Please help :). Thanks
  5. evilsharky

    Large Indoor Enclosure Advice

    Hey all! I just put in an order for a T70 PVC cage (8'x3'x2') from animal plastics(AP) and would like to inquire some advice from people who have a same/similar sized enclosure. I have already asked Tom about his customization on his cages from AP but would like to hear from others as well...
  6. evilsharky


    Hey everyone! My neighbor gave me some veggies and was wondering if my star tortoise can eat it. Seems like some kind of lettuce and gourd? I can't seem to find out a definite answer with my plant ID app. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. evilsharky

    New Indian Star Owner

    Hello everyone! New member here. Finally decided to pull the trigger to get my own tort last month now that I am more financially stable. I got my little Yoshi from Ryan at @Southernreptiles and he was great throughout the whole process! I have read @Tom 's care guide at least a dozen times...