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  1. JaySparks

    Tortoise plastron has been scraped off

    My tortoise somehow manage to escape the enclosure and must of hit something on the way down. I'm worried because he was left with a wound that reveals the flesh underneath the plastron. What should I do? he is now in a container with a clean paper towel.
  2. JaySparks

    Have you used pre alpine before?

    I've heard about pre-alpine a few years back and all I knew about them was that they sold dried weeds. I recently found out that they also sell pellets similar to Mazuri. I was wondering if any of you have used the pre-alpine pellets and if they are better than mazuri or at least better than the...
  3. JaySparks

    Tortoise boarding in London?

    Any Londoners here know a reliable boarding service in London?
  4. JaySparks

    Is this a penis?

    I noticed that this thing kept coming out of my tortoise. I'm not sure if its a penis lol. Logan is only 3 years old.
  5. JaySparks

    What kind of cactus?

    I live near a market here in London that sells cactus pads, and I decided to buy one. The problem with this pad is that I have no idea of where it came from as the lady that sold it to me was not certain of the species or the common name of these pads. She calls them cactus. Most of the cactus...
  6. JaySparks

    Logan's new enclosure

    I'm still waiting on some reptile safe edible plants :).
  7. JaySparks

    Is this type of orchid bark okay as substrate?

    Pine is known to be toxic but I'm not sure if that also goes for orchid bark.
  8. JaySparks

    Substrate for hermmans tortoise

    I'm currently using a mix of coco coir and topsoil, but I want to change to something less messy like fir bark or orchid bark. Where do you purchase large quantities of fir bark or orchid bark that is tortoise safe? I'm based in the UK.
  9. JaySparks

    Tortoise enclosure advice needed

    My Hermann's tortoise needs a new indoor enclosure. I need advice on what type of wood to avoid, size and waterproofing. I'm planning on sealing the enclosure with aquarium silicon and tarp. The silicone should be safe to use as I use it with all my reptiles and amphibians.
  10. JaySparks

    Can I feed my tortoise bulls blood?

    I came across a salad mix this morning which was made of babyleafs one of which is called bulls blood. Any idea of what this is? some sort of beetroot?
  11. JaySparks

    Feeding coriander from supermarkets - safe?

    Are the live herb pots found in supermarkets okay to feed? You can also buy them pre cut in bags too. I know that sometimes chemicals are used for growing produce but we also feed other leafs such as lamb lettuce during times that weeds are not available.
  12. JaySparks

    For how long do you soak your tortoise?

    I recently noticed that I've been soaking my tortoise for 1 hour every other day and I was wondering as to why we are supposed to do it for that long? Most of the time they spend trying to scape as if they've been dropped in acid. I know that they don't mind it as soon as they wake up as they...
  13. JaySparks

    My hermmans is sleeping a lot

    I noticed that on the last couple of weeks my tortoise has been less active. he will come out to eat but then will go back to her hide and sleep. I have also noticed that my hes digging deeper into the substrate. My substrate is 6 inches deep. morning temperatures are 30-35c night temps are...
  14. JaySparks

    what tortoise friendly plants do well in humidity?

    humidity is about 50-60 in the daytime and up to 80 at night.
  15. JaySparks

    is this as a water bowl safe for a tortoise?
  16. JaySparks

    How often do you trim your tortoises claws?

    I have slate on my enclosure and my tortoise often rubs his nails and beak as he eats and walks over it. Is there like a special type of nail clippers I should use? I've never clipped my tortoises claws before so not sure how far I should trim.
  17. JaySparks

    I'm having trouble keeping humidity

    Humidity hasn't been a problem till now. I hear that its difficult to keep humidity during winter I'm guessing because of the central heating. Whats the best substrate for humidity? I'm currently using cococoir and topsoil but because of night time heat it dries quicker than usual. I known that...
  18. JaySparks

    What are the best store bought foods?

    Winter is here - what are you guys feeding?
  19. JaySparks

    CHE night temps?

    whats the lowest and highest it should be at night?
  20. JaySparks

    Do people really use coconut oil on their tortoise?

    Does it actually do anything? I'm seeing a lot of pictures of people here that have tortoises that are incredibly glossy. I'm not sure if they've just taken the puppers out of a soak but it looks like they've been dipped in oil ready to compete in a bodybuilding competition.