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  1. Russiantortylady

    New large adult female redfoot, some questions

    Keep us posted on how she is doing and keep the pics coming as well..................She and they are gorgeous...........
  2. Russiantortylady

    Meet Shungu

    She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I have a Redfoot that will be one at the end of May. I would lov to get a Yellowfoot. PLease keep opsting pics of her.
  3. Russiantortylady

    MEP Aretha

    That is fantastic!!
  4. Russiantortylady

    MEP Aretha

    Is the pic above Darwin? Are you going to be raising them?
  5. Russiantortylady

    MEP Aretha

    HI Jamie, by animal protein do you mean MAzuri? I just Love her and would love to see her in person!!!!
  6. Russiantortylady

    MEP Aretha

    OMG she is going to be huge!!!
  7. Russiantortylady

    MEP Aretha

    She is going to be a big girl. How big do they usually get? Love her coloring.
  8. Russiantortylady

    Plant advice for young Redfoot

    Thank you guys for the info, I know they eat a lot of plants but didn't know which ones were safe for them.............
  9. Russiantortylady

    Live Plants

    HI everyone, Does anyone have any suggestions for live plants for Russians and red foot enclosures? I am concerned that some of them are not safe?? Thank you in advance for recommendations!
  10. Russiantortylady

    Read before buying! - Tips for Avoiding Scams

    Thank you makes me feel good
  11. Russiantortylady

    Read before buying! - Tips for Avoiding Scams

    After I lost my Russian a couple of weeks ago I was looking at a star from TORTOISE AND TURTLE LOVERS. I told them I was interested in possibly buying one. Well that was all it took, they sent me what payment types they took, none of which I dealt with at all. They wanted payment NOW, I told...
  12. Russiantortylady

    Ryan at Southern Reptiles

    I just want to say that my experience with Southern Reptiles was one of the most pleasant and stress free. Ryan is a very knowledgeable guy and is more than willing to answer your questions. I bought a well started Redfoot , born at the end of May of this year. This youngster is very healthy...
  13. Russiantortylady


    Does anyone know where the best place and the least expensive place for lighting for torts??
  14. Russiantortylady

    They have arrived!!!!

    Are those hermanns??
  15. Russiantortylady

    Carol S russian tortoise hatchling

    HOw would you get ahold of her to purchase ?
  16. Russiantortylady

    Leopard tortoise hatchlings updates + Pictures

    Tom how are your Stars doing? One day when I get rich I would love to have one.............can you pm me price?
  17. Russiantortylady

    Dog attacked solcata tortoise

    Get him to the VET NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Russiantortylady

    Could someone tell me if my 5 year old is a boy or a girl :) [Russian tortoise]

    Looks like a female, flat Plastron, concave would be a male
  19. Russiantortylady

    Terrible beak on my rescues, tips for trimming, parrot beak?

    GOod Luck with the trimming , question for you how did you hold her head? WHen I trimmed mine I had to hold him on his back that is the only way to keep his head out........