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    Rehoming tortoise

    Good afternoon, I’m from the south FL area I have 3 tortoises but I have realized that the bigger one has gotten an interest in trying to harm them and I unfortunately do not have as big of an area to separate them equally as I wish I had :/ this is new to me and I was wondering if anyone in...
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    Can someone idenitify if my tortoise is sick (black spots)

    Hi! My tortoise is currently dealing with a respitory infection but I was wondering if anyone could please tell me if these black spots on him are normal im very worried thank you I would appreciate it a lot he keeps getting respitory infections and no medicine is helping 😢😥
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    White scale?

    my red foot has been getting grayer scales lately and perhaps it is nothing but I was just wondering if this is anything to worry about would appreciate help thank you
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    Tortoise biting other tortoise

    My yellow foot has recently started to take an interest on biting my red foot .. my yellow foot is a bigger male and the small red food is also a male and there’s a female red foot should I be concerned in any way that hell actually try to harm him?? Because I haven’t seen any sort of marks on...
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    Help tortoise has white spots inflamed

    Can someone please help and let me know what is going on with my red foot tortoise she is a female anything would help thank you