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  1. tortdad

    Free storm pipe for Houston area keepers

    I have some scrap pieces of HDPE storm pipe left over from a jobsite in Katy. They make great turtle and tortoise hides, free to anyone who wants to come get em. I’m not on the forum much anymore but fell free to text me 713-202-9101
  2. tortdad

    Undertank heating pad Vs Heat tape

    Hey peeps, looking to pick some brains. As a tortoise keeper I have zero need for, therefore zero knowledge about under tank heating pads and or heat tape/rope. However.......... I have started a colony of Dubia Roaches to breed and feed my Chameleon and my box turtles. These roaches won't...
  3. tortdad

    Turtle found 1 year latter!!!!

    So last summer I babysat my buddy's dog while he was gone and he busted the lid on my box turtle enclosure. I didn't realize it until it was too late. I was in my back yard and saw one of my baby 3 toe box turtles walking on the ground OUTSIDE my box turtle enclosure. He had puncture wounds on...
  4. tortdad

    Look what showed up via FedEx this morning

    Meet my sons 2-1/2 month only baby Amobili panther chameleon, Godzilla
  5. tortdad

    New enclosure

    It's not for a tortoise but i figured you guys would enjoy it anyways. It's for a Chameleon so it's enclosure needs to be tall not have floor space I converted a China hutch, waterproofed it, screened the doors in, added a misting system, lights and timers, drainage system and some live...
  6. tortdad

    Uvb meters

    Do you guys know of a solar meter that works pretty good that's a reasonable price? So far all the ones I've seen are $250 and up. I'm not dropping that much coin on a meter, I'll just keep swapping the bulbs out every 6 months.
  7. tortdad

    LED light hood

    Has anyone used one of these new duel lamp fixtures??? That bar a HO uvb bulb and Les lights for day light/plant grow light I'm thinking of this for a Chameleon enclosure I'm building.
  8. tortdad

    Reputable chameleon breeders???

    Does anyone have a good care sheet and know of a reputable breeder of chameleons? My son wants one and momma actually said yes!
  9. tortdad

    Did my good deed for the day

    We have a new member @Master_Roshi and he was looking for a closed chamber enclosure so he could take proper care of his torts. It just so happens we both live in Houston and I happen to have an old one in my garage almost the exact size he was looking for so I told him he could just have it...
  10. tortdad

    Just some updated pics

    Thought I would just send some updated pictures of my little ones. Here's Bruce Wayne, the Cheery I got from @N2TORTS a year ago. Marbling quite nicely Here's Spike, my northern Redfoot..2 years old now Here are my box turtles. 3 of them came from a local member about a year ago and they...
  11. tortdad

    Mike Taylor IS Mr Awesome!!!!!

    I know @mike taylor has his own personal promotion thread where he self claimed to be Mr Awesome but I wanted to let everyone know that he truly is Mr Awesome. I moved here to Houston 4 years ago for work so I didn't have any friends here. Between work and family I've not made very many non work...
  12. tortdad

    New family members

    So in the last 24 hours we've picked up 2 new pets. My wife said she wanted a small dog and said I could have more tortoises if I let her get one. She can have whatever she wants because she puts up with me so I told her go for it. So while I was out today picking up medicine for one of our...
  13. tortdad

    How to syringe feed?

    Okay baby sully people I need to know how to syringe feed and what to feed, ASAP. I got a baby 2 weeks ago and she's a super little runt. Her hatch date was about 2 months ago and he egg yolk spot isn't healed closed yet. My kitchen scale doesn't do grams so the best I can tell you is .8...
  14. tortdad

    New boxie enclosure

    My Father's Day gift was a stack of lumber (my kind of gift). I built my 3 toes a outdoor space where they will now live 24/7/365. I'm lucky enough to live where they are native. I sunk a pressure treated 4x4 into the ground, stacked 6 layers of landscape timbers, then capped it off with a 2x6...
  15. tortdad

    Rare turtle found in TX

    I'm posting this for @mike taylor Looks like a species of snapping turtle once thought gone was found here in Houston!
  16. tortdad

    Outdoor Redfoot set up

    I have a 12' x 12' area of my yard fenced off. It used to be a garden but we decided we didn't want to do another garden this year so I turned it into my new Redfoot area. I forgot to take some pics before I started but the weeds were knee high in there, lol. I pulled all the weeds, cut down...
  17. tortdad

    Anyone in Houston looking for leopard torts?

    There is a local reptile rescue that has 2 leopard tortoises they are trying to find homes for. I don't know anything about them. If you're interested look up "gina's heart of gold" on Facebook. Local additions only so don't bother asking her to ship them.
  18. tortdad

    Hal came out by himself

    Hal is a lazy stubborn tort who refuses to come out of his heated night box all winter long. He practically hibernates himself. I have to feed him in his box and force him out on sunny days. Today he came out all on his own and ate like a pig; he ate tons of grass and weeds. I went to a...
  19. tortdad

    Happy birthday Hal

    So all I know for Hal is that his birthday is spring time so I've given him the same as my son so it's easy to remember. Hal just just turned 12 years old. Happy birthday buddy!
  20. tortdad

    Starting to marble

    My 8 month old Cherryhead named Bruce Wayne from Jeff @N2TORTS is growing like a weed and is looking like he's starting to marble. I'm so excited. I've been watching it for the past few weeks to see if the white was just typical new growth or marbling but it's looking good.