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  1. WithLisa

    brought home some hollyhock today

    I just wanted to show off my cute youngsters, my friends are already annoyed with my pictures. :D Look at that smiling face: I have to confess, I'm crazy about tortoise tongues, can't get enough of them. :p
  2. WithLisa

    Barf for cats

    Hi, does anyone here feed their cats raw food? Until now I was feeding my cat only about 50% raw food but I want to completely stop giving him canned food because he can't stomach it anymore. But I found quite different recommendations about nutritional needs and I'm afraid a "wrong" recipe...
  3. WithLisa

    the first year is over...

    ...and my babys have grown so much! :<3: Last year (6 weeks old): And now, a year later: Quite big already, but still so very cute. :D Just a few more weeks until hibernation, I'll miss them... But I'm looking forward to next year, I wonder what they'll look like with a third...
  4. WithLisa

    my new tortoise

    I wanted to show off my new girl. :<3: She was scared at first... But soon started to explore the garden. As any tortoise she loves colorful things. :D Now she is taking a nap. :cool: No idea what species she is, but since it's quite cold outside I guess I'll let her sleep in my bed...
  5. WithLisa

    First sign of spring?

    Naughty little torts... I told them to go back to sleep for another month, but they wouldn't listen. :confused:
  6. WithLisa

    Could somebody explain this sentence?

    I know there are lots of English native speakers on this forum, so I hope someone can help me. My homework is to write an article about this topic: Examples of commonly used strains and how strain genotypes are indicated. I'm not sure about the meaning of "indicated". Do I have to explain the...
  7. WithLisa

    Hello from Austria

    Hi everyone, I got two baby hermanns three months ago and since then I'm trying to learn everything about how to keep them happy and healthy. Interestingly the advice given here is quite different of what I read in german forums and since it can't harm to think outside the box, I registered. :)