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  1. Obbie

    not moving but not in his shell

    The people here, truly care for their torts. It sounds like you will do what’s best for your little guy. Welcome to a very good place for advice, and ideas 💡 !
  2. Obbie

    Our Baby Tortoise Died

    I’m so sorry for your child’s loss. I was inconsolable when my little Emi died. I was hoping that breeders were being more careful, since my debacle, but sadly I still hear about these hatchlings succumbing to austwikia My first tortoise, she (no i don’t know 😂) was a little baby, and at...
  3. Obbie

    The pain is unbearable. Goodbye Uno.

    Keep looking 🙏🏽, he/she may be happy outside, and not wander far.
  4. Obbie

    Kamp Kenan

    Hopefully everyone does their due dillagence
  5. Obbie

    Normal Shell Growth Sulcata

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a smooth shell. Beautiful 🥰
  6. Obbie

    Can 60 pound Sulcatta tortoise stay outside full time ?

    So sorry, I am moving to AZ full time. That will be her weather 👍🏽
  7. Obbie

    I Wish Less People Would Not Be Cruel To The Sweet , Lovely Creatures Latey!!!!

    Am I the only one that reads this, you want people to take classes ? We don’t make people take classes to have children !! I love my Mali, I enjoy keeping up for her. I raised my daughter, one day at a time 😂, by the seat of my pants. Although I had great parents, so I did have lessons.
  8. Obbie

    Meet Rhino!!!!

    Congratulations !! I love it when someone rescues tortoises !!! I adopted a Sulcatta about 6 years ago. They are so friendly, and want to be included in everything ! Enjoy your boy !
  9. Obbie

    Can 60 pound Sulcatta tortoise stay outside full time ?

    I’m sorry ! I’m moving to AZ, from MN. Mali 🇲🇱 has a very nice enclosure I am just getting her set up down here
  10. Obbie

    Can 60 pound Sulcatta tortoise stay outside full time ?

    Mali is about 60 pounds, since the weather is perfect for her, I’d like to put her hide out side. I’ll put in the shade. She’s been going out for the day. It’s not above 100. She only lays in the shade this year. Any one know if she has shade, and her hide is outside, is that okay ?
  11. Obbie

    I know it's been beaten to death, but here is another sexing question.

    You said your 3 torts are from the same clutch ? Just wondering, are you planning to breed them ?
  12. Obbie

    florida keepers take note!!

    What is wrong with people ??? Aren’t there enough rescues for them to help out !!!???
  13. Obbie

    florida keepers take note!!

    They have to find us first !!!
  14. Obbie


    You and your family are Tortoise Angels !!!
  15. Obbie

    Sulcata ate a baby rabbit!!

    Lesley, I know how you feel ! Definitely not as disturbing as your ordeal, but I sent an article about Sulcatta eating, tracking and running down, and eating a baby tern (bird) ! My Mali 🇲🇱 is around 10 years old (rescue) and 65 pounds. Love this girl, I just can’t imagine this happening...
  16. Obbie

    Marking your tortoise.

    Do “we” really need to be told, no sharpies in mouth or eyes ???
  17. Obbie

    Baby Sulcata age/size

    I enjoy being able to come here for answers, and directions. Does anyone know why zoo’s keep tortoises together ? They seem to bully each other, and I think that the zoo’s should be up on this ?
  18. Obbie

    Skin abnormalities

    This is a very contagious disease, I’m praying your guy doesn’t have it. I lost my first Sulcatta at 1 year. If you plan on reusing anything, bleach should be okay. 🙏🏽🙏🏽