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  1. Gymtimpro

    Help tortellini

    Help me I don't know if I'm righting this due to my cryber school building up or with gymnastics 6 days a week and only Saturdays off. Every hr full of studying. But I love my tortoise and he is my study buddy always next to my desk and seeing him run along the sides is killing me and I can't...
  2. Gymtimpro

    Best things to have in tortoise enclosure?

    Hey guys leave you're favorite tortoise toys, climbable things, hiding spots, plants,decor etc
  3. Gymtimpro

    Hey i drew this up and then made a online model... read descrip...

    I am planing on making it 2x5 feet and the walls are 12 inch high. got all the lumber plans should cost about 140$ with substrate and nails and tarp for lining and wire mesh and staples and 2 clamps and some brackets. It will be for my russian haven't asked parents yet but i got the money. Tell...
  4. Gymtimpro

    Russian Tortoise HOW MUCH SHOULD I FEED

    I have a Russian tortoise he is almost full grown male who loves his spring mix and picks out what he dosent love about it but he is always hungry i give him a handful or more a day and he is still hungry? how much should he get?
  5. Gymtimpro


    My Russian tortoise wont eat red chard he pics it out of his spring mix and wont eat it why?
  6. Gymtimpro

    What do you think about my design NOT EXACT MEASUREMENTS

    I drew this up on a note card and really like it!
  7. Gymtimpro

    You might be able to help (looking for your video)

    Hello Im Timmy Owner of gymtimpro on youtube. I love making videos but am not the best example and only have a Russian tortoise if you are interested I am accepting videos from anyone who dose not want to or cant post them i will put them up on youtube if you think you have a informational video...
  8. Gymtimpro

    How can I add on to my tortoises glass 40 gallon breeder how can I add on help!! please hoe can I add on to it to make it bigger
  9. Gymtimpro

    Please help and re post somewhere else
  10. Gymtimpro

    My tortoise habitat

    check out my youtube gymtimpro