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    New enclosure going up

    And this girl KNOWS something is up!
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    Tortimus Prime (Sulcata) turned 3

    Just wanted to thank everyone here who gave me advice when Tortimus was a hatchling. I don’t think she would be alive if I’d followed the reading I’d found elsewhere or the care sheet included when she was shipped to me. Pictures attached of my beautiful dinosaur.
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    Weird "spots" on baby Sulcata's scutes

    So my little guy has some weird spots that just popped up on his scutes, it seems to be on all of them. I'm attaching the best picture I could get. Any ideas? I've tried brushing at them gently with a toothbrush but it makes no difference. They are not on the surface seems like they are under...
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    Hello from me and my baby Sulcata

    Hi there, My name is Megan and I'm in San Diego, CA and I'm happy to have found this forum and to be a member now. I've had my little Sulcata, Tortimus Prime for about 3 months (got him as a hatchling at 28 grams). I'm a little worried about his rate of growth and found this site while doing...